"We highly recommend Mike Garman and the Garman Group.  It is clear that they put the interests of their clients first and want to help them find the right property, regardless of the time it takes" D & H Conn. 

- D & H Conn.

"Mike and Scott assisted in the contracts and negotiations of both the sale and purchase; each was handled deftly and with great professionalism. The process was very calm and unpressured, and the team was easy to get hold of and very responsive". D & H Conn. 

- D & H Conn.

"Mike and Scott, melding their backgrounds in real estate, finance, construction, design, and marketing, gave excellent advice and guidance throughout both the sale of our Cordova Bay townhouse and our purchase of a new-construction condo in Sidney". D & H Conn. 

- D & H Conn

"I highly recommend Mike Garman and the Garman Group. The team is calm, professional, offers outstanding advice and guidance, and gets great results". Alison

- Alison

"Scott and Mike Garman are not only great guys, but they are extremely good realtors. They listened very carefully to our particular needs, and then went out of their way to fulfill them. As a result, we have had three very successful real estate transactions with them - two sales and a purchase. Their individual qualities and expertise compliment each other very well, making for a real estate experience that is not only efficient and rewarding, but also very comfortable and enjoyable! They are honest, meticulous, personable, and knowledgeable. They understand the market and were very shrewd negotiators on our behalf. We have referred our friends to them  and they too have had very successful results. We strongly recommend them to anyone !" Karen and Moe

- Karen & Moe T.

I have worked with Scott & Mike both buying and selling over the years.  I can’t say enough about their professionalism and industry savvy.  They’ve enabled me to navigate a complex local residential real estate market, facilitating my analysis of the risks and investment opportunities presented in the local environment. From needs-assessment, current inventory analysis, property due diligence, transaction negotiation and closing and to post- transaction maintenance - their attention to detail and keen insight has been invaluable to me.  I highly recommend them as real estate advisers and I look forward to working again with them in the future. Andy H.

- Andy H.

Our new home purchase in late 2016 required us to sell our existing home. We chose the Garman Group for this sale. Scott, Mike and Michelle are knowledgeable and experienced. They worked together to remove as much stress from the process as possible. Scott’s accounting and detail background gave us confidence in the overall plan. Michelle’s efforts in the background ensured exposure of our listing. Mike contracting background was used to tweak our home for presentation. This value added service was important in the process. Further, Mike ‘hosted’ each open house to ensure that features of the home were presented and questions answered. The stress of multiple offers was handled in an efficient and fair manner. In our opinion, the Garman group are unique in the Victoria Real Estate Market. Dr. D. Hopkins & Mrs. Hopkins

- Dr. D. Hopkins & Mrs. Hopkins

We had tried a well-known realtor from Victoria for a year and a half with no luck. The market was getting more and more competitive in 2016 so we decided to try someone else. We found Mike and Scott through a great referral from a friend; the service was night-and-day different from our previous realtors. I spent most of my time with Mike visiting different properties. He was present and attentive to all my questions and renovation ideas. Mike was a well-respected building contractor previous to being a realtor, so he had a lot of expertise to share when looking at old houses. Mike would point out electrical problems and explain which houses would be easier to suite and which ones would be more desirable in the future. Scott and Mike were genuine and honest; they pointed out good deals and never wanted me to overpay. They were very proactive during the search and made me feel like I was one of their most important clients. Mike would even roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty - I would have never believed it, but I've see it with my own eyes. These guys are extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my family or friends. Kevin F. 

- Kevin F.

What’s the biggest problem the Garman Group solved for you?
"Quickly getting our house prepared for sale."

What’s the single thing you like the best about the Garman Group’s service?
"Calm, competent, caring service that met our needs. Mike in particular, offers tremendous value in fixing 'little things' in our home to prep it for sale. The little things go a long way. Being at each showing of our home and guiding people through feels important to us in the process, but we were not there to properly evaluate how it went during showing. We could only go by comments during the sales process. It felt very well prepared." Derek H.

- Derek H.

What’s the single thing you like the best about the Garman Group’s service?

The breadth of knowledge and experience combined with their trustworthiness and integrity. The feeling is that they care about getting you an appropriate solution for you, not just processing a transaction.

They inspire trust and confidence that your interests are being looked after. Mike & Scott have consistently demonstrated their upstanding character qualities to me. These do differentiate them from other Realtors in my mind as these qualities are impossible to imitate without sincerity. Keep up the great work! Andrew H.

- Andrew H.

What’s the single thing you like the best about the Garman Group’s service?
The breadth of knowledge and experience combined with their trustworthiness and integrity. What needs some work?
N/A - have no suggestions to offer because I think they are doing a top-notch job in all areas.

Describe the feel of the company / team. Do you get any sense of the people providing the service and what their values are? Are they different than other Realtors?  

The feeling is that they care about getting you an appropriate solution for you, not just processing a transaction. They inspire trust and confidence that your interests are being looked after. Mike & Scott have consistently demonstrated their upstanding character qualities to me. These do differentiate them from other Realtors in my mind as these qualities are impossible to imitate without sincerity. Keep up the great work! Andrew H.

- Andrew H.

"Mike is a long-term friend from my peer-group before he became a Realtor. I came to know Scott as well and their honesty and helpfulness at every turn of the transactions we have done has been greatly appreciated. Previously, in a poor local market - they were able to drum up multiple offers and increase the selling price I received. Recently, when looking for a house to buy in a very difficult buyers market - they were able to help steer me away from poor situations and toward one which ended up being ideal for us.

Our other Realtor experience was a disappointment in the sense I didn't get the feeling they were trying very hard. Whereas Mike & Scott always seemed to work very hard for us and get the job done. They cared about our situation as deeply as one could hope for". Andrew H.


- Andrew H.

What’s the biggest problem the Garman Group solved for you? "Marketing our house"

What’s the single thing you like the best about the Garman Group’s service? "Scott's negotiating skills and Mike's devotion to preparing our house for sale".

What needs some work? "Nothing - they do a great job".

Describe the feel of the company / team. Do you get any sense of the people providing the service and what their values are? "We think so - they are real - no B.S. and they do what they say they will do". Karen & Moe T.

- Karen & Moe T.

Why did you use the Garman Group ?

"Honest trust worthy & friendly service. Trust was the main reason, and the feeling of knowing what they are doing. I came back because of their honesty. The other realtor only told you what they thought would get the deal done, not what you needed to know". Kevin G. 

- Kevin G.

What’s the single thing you like the best about the Garman Group’s service?

I think they were very caring. I know they actually cared about my long-term interests and were very concerned that I get a place where my family could thrive, rather than rushing into a mediocre place to save their time. Colleen S.

- Colleen S.

Why did you use the Garman Group?

I chose the Garman group because Scott was very competent, very at ease in conversation and I felt he would put potential buyers at ease. Further, Scott's background in accounting was extremely helpful in helping me weigh the pros and cons of options when purchasing. I also valued Mike's background in building as he could speak with great confidence to the quality if construction of our home. His background was also incredibly helpful in looking at properties as he noticed structural issues, possible noise and lighting concerns and could help me easily estimate costs of upgrades where applicable. They helped me keep centered and grounded while selling my home – a very stressful time in one's life. Colleen S.

- Colleen S.

My sense is that the Garman Group work with high integrity. They handled a very complicated situation with professionalism, tact and transparency. They also really took the time to understand what it was that I wanted and valued, both in the selling and the buying processes and to respect that without imposing their own value judgments. During the time I worked with the Garman Group I had a health crisis in my family. They were incredibly thoughtful and kind, going above standard protocol for realtors. Their support and wisdom in the purchase of a court ordered sale was invaluable and I felt extremely fortunate to have someone with me whom I could trust as the court process is quite stressful. I have and will continue to highly recommend their services. I have transitioned to a new place that I love and am extremely grateful to have worked with them. Colleen S.

- Colleen S.

What’s the single thing you like the best about the Garman Group’s service?
"We did not want any open houses or a lock box. We wanted our realtor present at all showings. They were very accommodating and one or the other was always present during a showing.
Having said that, there are many things we like(d) about both Scott and Mike. Mike went the distance to help us prepare our house for market. We didn't think we needed to do much because we had already spent a year sprucing it up, but Mike planed a French door that was sticking, helped us to clear out some wood and clutter and take it to the dump, and even cleaned a hard to reach gutter but it was one you could see from an upper window. We had never seen a realtor go up a ladder - ever!! He was our hero.
Scott always brings you back to center. He is very focused and very professional. They are a great team - each complimenting the other." Mary & Jack G.

- Mary & Jack G.

"In a terrible market for both sellers and buyers (2013), they persevered, held our hands, and eventually brokered a deal to sell our house. It wasn't pretty but we got what we wanted"

"They are very different from other realtors. They are down to earth. They roll up their sleeves. They are present." Mary & Jack G.

- Mary & Jack G.

"We interviewed a number of realtors prior to listing our house in 2013. We had met Scott through a mutual acquaintance and put him and Mike on our list to interview. We liked their business model and immediately had a good rapport with them. Their listing price met other realtors but we just had a better vibe from Scott and Mike. They were not condescending, although they did provide us with confidence in their knowledge of the market. We felt very much like we were all working together." Mary & Jack G.

- Mary & Jack G.

"Thanks to The Garman Group, the recent sale of my home was completed
successfully! I recommend them unreservedly! Their professional backgrounds,
and their expertise in communicating and negotiating, made the process a very
positive one. I deeply appreciate their calm approach, attention to detail,
availability for discussion, and their sense of humour! Just outstanding! Thanks to
The Garman Group!" Elisabeth 

- Elisabeth

"We sold and bought with the Garman Group and would use them again if we need to. Their honesty was something we could count on. They always seemed to keep our needs a priority and we always felt listened to. The house we bought suits our needs to a tee and was within the price we could feel comfortable with. We do not think we would have been as happy with how things worked out if not for them. Thanks again, Kevin and Sam"

- Kevin & Sam

"Thank you so much for all of your help with selling the house. You made this a very easy transaction. Your calm manner & expertise are very comforting during the sales process! Thank you again!" Narina P.

- Narina P.

"Thank you so much for your hard work, diligence & patience. You are so professional to deal with. We are still amazed by your generous assistance with staging the townhouse" Linda & Gerald

- Linda & Gerald

"With Mike's background in home renovations, he was able to guide our efforts to position our home for a quick sale. Scott's background in contracts and finances helped tremendously in pricing our home. Mike's skills came into play again while looking for our new home, spotting areas of improvement and recognizing good value, and Scott helped us get the price we wanted. Their unique set of skills and knowledge were perfect for us, and definitely surpassed our expectations" Rich & Jen P.

- Rich & Jen P.

"To say that I'm impressed with The Garman Group would be an understatement. They are skilled, honest, and have a vast amount of experience. Their combined knowledge of real estate and general contracting make them a great team. They took a house that we had been told would be difficult to sell and not only sold it quickly, but for more than we had expected. Thank you for being consummate professionals". Janet W.

- Janet W.

"The Garman Group did an excellent job of handling the sale of my property. I really appreciated their hands-on approach to preparing my property for sale right through to completion, as I work out of province". Bryan D.

- Bryan D.

"Scott maintained a high level of professionalism, ethics and patience during both our transactions. Not only did he negotiate an excellent accepted offer on the purchase of our new property, but he also secured a fair price in a challenging market on the sale of our existing home. His previous experience as both a Chartered Accountant and as a Vice President in the business world lends itself to methodical thinking and analysis, and as a result, we never felt rushed into making any decisions.” -Cheryl & Dan

- Cheryl & Dan

"Simply put, Scott exceeded our expectations. His knowledge and experience, combined with his methodical and analytical approach to real estate, put us at ease and ensured we made the right real estate choice for us. Thanks Scott!" Sara & Colin

- Sara & Colin

"I would heartily recommend Scott to anyone looking for the “right” property in Victoria.   Scott commits himself to understanding what one needs and works diligently to ensure he locates that property – his dedication to his clients is greatly appreciated." Jenn

- Jenn

"Scott helped us with every aspect of buying our first home.  He explained all the important details and made sure we were comfortable with every decision along the way.  Scott helped make our first home purchase a breeze!" Sally & Corey

- Sally & Corey

"When I first moved to Victoria I didn't know where I was going to live. I drove off the ferry on a Sunday night and called Scott for the first time on my drive into town. He answered courteously and after a five-minute conversation he had arranged to pick me up in the morning at a friends house. Scott spent the entire day with me, showing me houses and getting to know what it was I was looking for. Before long he knew right away when we walked into a new home if I was going to like it. Scott is the consummate professional. He has an eye for detail, patience and a friendly outlook that ensures you will be completely satisfied with all aspects of his practice. I highly recommend Scott for any and all real estate needs." James

- James

“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping us purchase our first home!  You made the process smooth and easy.  Your professionalism and patience helped guide us through the scary but exciting world of first-time homebuyers.  We would not hesitate referring you to our friends and family!” Denise & Mark

- Denise & Mark

“Scott was recommended to us by our adult children who used him as an agent, and found just what they wanted in a house.  He interviewed us to find out what we wanted, then researched to see what was available within our parameters.  We were very lucky.  I think this suite was the third of four that we looked at, and we felt right at home as soon as we walked in the door.  We have been living here full time for only two weeks, and are already very much enjoying the neighbourhood, and our new digs.  
Scott is very professional, while maintaining a very pleasant manner.  He is thorough in his research and in the details of the sale.  Should anyone of our acquaintance find themselves in need of an agent, we will definitely recommend him.” Janet & Jim

- Janet & Jim

“We thank you your so much for making the purchase of our first home a positive experience. Even our two young kids enjoyed every showing. Your patience, knowledge of value and enthusiasm exceeded our expectations and we found the right home at a price lower than we expected.  Without hesitation, we continue to refer friends and family to you as we are confident that they will receive your outstanding and unparalleled service as a realtor.” Tonya & Ased

- Tonya & Ased

“Thank you so much for your ongoing guidance, and patience, with the search for our new home. We love our new place and are looking forward to many years of happiness here. It is everything we were looking for! We really appreciate your effort, honesty, attention to detail, and education along the way!” Pam & Greg

- Pam & Greg

"I feel like I won the "Home Buyers Lottery" by having Scott Garman at my side, guiding me through the steps of the search for my first home with such calm, encouraging confidence. His depth of knowledge and experience in areas related to real estate, finance and investments, coupled with his professional yet always welcoming approach was a relief and a genuine reassurance to me.  I knew what I wanted in a home but also realized my wish list was extensive and almost definitely out of my financial reach at this time, so I fully expected to end my search with a more realistic compromise. Despite my own self-imposed limitations, Scott continued to look both within and beyond my identified parameters and somehow (I still can't believe it!) found my perfect first home that not only satisfies my wish list, but also provides me opportunities to both manage my mortgage and increase the value of my home purchase over time; an end result that is better than I could have ever hoped to achieve. Thank you Scott!" Sandy

- Sandy

“It would have been impossible for us working long distance to purchase this property without the excellent and diligent work provided by Scott. We found him to be very thorough and professional. We couldn’t recommend him more highly to anyone looking for a realtor.” Sandi & Matt

- Sandi & Matt

“After meeting many different realtors, we asked Scott to help us find our new home because we were impressed with his honest and straightforward manner. Along the way, Scott offered insights into the real estate market that other realtors could not offer. In the end, we felt comfortable with our purchase because his unique combination of experience and insight ensured that our investment was a safe and low risk one.” David & Kelvin

- David & Kelvin