Top 8 Dining Room Trends for 2022

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When most people think of dining rooms, they probably think of formal, put-together spaces. However, this year’s dining room trends are pushing us toward fun, laid-back environments designed for casual dining — spaces where you and your guests can be comfortable.

Whether you’re starting from scratch in a new home or looking to update your current dining room, these are the top 8 dining room trends for 2022.


1. Leather upholstery

Trendy, classy leather upholstery adds a bold and modern look to your dining room. The durable and long-lasting qualities of good quality leather furniture mean that adding leather upholstery is also a sustainability win for your dining room!


2. Light, bright colours

After years of neutral colours in the spotlight, it’s time to show some love to light and bright colours. Adding pops of colour with light wood furniture will make your dining room feel more open and casual for you and your guests.


3. Nordic-style furniture

Nordic-style furniture isn’t a new trend, but it’s still going strong in 2022! The blend of textures, shapes, and soft colours makes it a functional and beautiful design for any dining room. Already have a nordic-themed design in your room? Try to incorporate an extra pop of colour to update the look!


4. Sustainability

Sustainability is forecast to be at the forefront of interior design in the coming years. Eco-friendly materials, like rattan or salvaged materials, are the stars of the show. Buying something you’ll keep around for the long haul or shopping vintage is the way to go with this trend!


5. A touch of greenery

Natural tablescape designs and hanging plants are the favourites this year. Plants of any kind perfectly complement any design style and instantly refresh any space!


6. White on white

Not a big fan of the colourful trends? This one's for you! White on white is super popular this year, moving from the kitchen to the dining room. Mixing shades of white, from warm whites and ivory to pearl and eggshell, there’s no doubt you’ll create a calming space with this trend. Using whites also allows you to have a little more freedom when it comes to exploring other trends like bright colours and leather!


7. Fur/hide rugs

Branching off of the Scandinavian/Nordic design trend, fur and hide rugs add a luxurious and inviting touch to any space. Add them under your table, next to it, or even add them to your dining chairs or benches!


8. Mixed textiles

What do we mean by “mixed textiles?” Think corduroy, velvet, or wools. Retro, heavy textiles are replacing the soft cotton and linens we’ve seen in previous trends. Mixing leather with these rich textures will add a modern, unexpected touch to your space.


This year's dining room trends are all about experimenting with colours, textures, and shapes. Moving towards casual and laid-back spaces and away from stiff, formal dining rooms means it’s all about having fun with your space!

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