The Pros & Cons of Bedroom Fireplaces

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Having a fireplace in your bedroom may seem like a fabulous luxury to you, so you may be considering planning a renovation or custom build to add one in. But in addition to the pros of having one, there are some cons as well. Let's help you decide if it's worth having one or not.



They Add a Great Visual Touch. There's no doubt that fireplaces add a nice decorative touch to almost any room they're in. They create a beautiful focal point and make the room feel cozy and peaceful.

Fireplaces aren't just open fire pits lined with brick anymore! Of course, those do add a traditional touch and are a great option, but you can find fireplaces of all types nowadays. There is now gas, electric, and other types with all sorts of design options available to you to fit in with your décor and give you a look you want.

They're Romantic. There's also no doubt that fireplaces create a romantic ambiance. The warmth and coziness, plus the light they put off, create an environment that would be ideal for cuddling up with your partner.

They Add Great Warmth. If your bedroom is drafty, large, or an energetic suck from cranking up your electric heat, a fireplace can warm your room quickly and efficiently.

It Can Add Value to Your Home. Many people are looking for fireplaces in the bedroom. So if you decide to sell your home in the future, this can add extra value to your home and ensure it stands out on the market.



They Can Take Up Valuable Space. Even small fireplaces can take up wall space that you may want for bookshelves, drawers, or a desk. And with some fireplaces, it's essential to not place anything too close to the front of sides of it so that could potentially limit your space needs even further.


You'll Need to Factor in a Chimney. If you're going to have a traditional fireplace, you'll have to factor in that you'll need to have a chimney. This may not go well with the aesthetics of the outside of your home, plus you'll need to take into account the space it will take up inside your home. You could lose closet space or cut into another bedroom to add in your chimney.


They Can Create a Safety Risk. Anything that creates fire and warmth can produce a fire risk. You could leave the room or fall asleep, and smoke could quickly fill the area without you noticing until it's too late. Fireplaces should be regularly inspected, cleaned regularly, and never left unattended. You should always use the proper tools when starting or tending to your fire and keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case.



If you've decided to add a fireplace to your bedroom, talk to your builder about choosing the best one that fits both your personal needs and the room's aesthetics. Or you could buy a home that already has a fireplace in the bedroom to save yourself the hassle and cost of adding one into your home. Talk to us at Garman Group — we often know of homes on the market in Victoria with bedroom fireplaces and other unique features. Contact us today to start your search or to find out about what's going on in Victoria real estate now.