Redoing Your Kitchen Countertops? Consider These Options

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Are you bored with your kitchen? Do you love the layout and flow but feel it needs a change? Or perhaps you just don’t have the energy to think about doing a major overhaul. 

Then why not redo your kitchen countertops? It’s a fairly simple thing to do but can make a significant impact in your kitchen. But where do you start? We’ll share some of the most popular materials used to give you some kitchen inspo!




Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials because of how elegant, strong, and durable it is. It’s also fairly maintenance-free, highly scratch and heat resistant, and is available in a huge selection of colours and types.

Now, as good as this all sounds, granite countertops are expensive to buy and must be installed by a professional so it doesn’t crack.




Marble is another very popular choice because of its fantastic, luxurious look. And because marble is so unique, you won’t have to worry about having the exact same countertop as anyone else.

However, it’s also incredibly expensive, so marble is commonly seen only on sections of countertops — generally, sections that aren’t often used since marble isn’t as durable or scratchproof as other choices.




Laminate countertops are attractive choices because of the endless colour and style options, as well as easy maintenance. Laminate is perfect for the DIY crowd since it’s generally sold in sheets and is fairly easy to install.

The downside is that it doesn’t look as pretty as some of the other countertop options and may actually hurt the resale value of your home. Plus, it can be fairly easily scratched beyond repair.




Wood has become a more popular option as more people choose the rustic look for their homes and cabins. Wood is long-lasting and relatively easy to clean. It’s a timeless, classic look and is available in all price ranges.

However, wood countertops are prone to cuts and water stains. And if they’re not treated properly, wood countertops can collect bacteria easier than other surfaces.


Solid Surface


Solid surface is a mixture of natural materials (often stone) and bonding agents pressed into sheets. These are available in a huge variety of colours, and they resist stains quite well. Minimal to moderate damage can often be sanded out to look almost new again.

These types of countertops must be custom installed, though, and they can be fairly pricey. They also don’t react well to heat, so you’ll need to make sure you keep your hot pans, kettles, and other things that could possibly damage the surface away.




While often only seen as a backsplash, tiles are becoming popular to use for the entire countertop. They do certainly add a unique touch, and they’re fairly durable — especially when it comes to heat. Plus, they make a great DIY project! You can find tiles that resemble marble, wood, and other high-end surfaces at a fraction of the cost.

However, with tiles comes grout buildup. And this can get hard to maintain over time. Tiles may also become brittle, so you may find yourself replacing your countertop sooner than you had hoped.


Still Looking for Your Dream Kitchen?


If a new countertop won’t cut it, and you’re tired of your entire kitchen design, maybe it’s time to look for a new one — in a whole new home! Contact Garman Group to help you find your next dream home.