Rainproofing Your Home for the Fall

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We love living in Victoria – even with the rain and wind that comes along with it in the fall. And dealing with the rain is easier when we know our homes are protected.

Here’s some easy home maintenance you can do this month to prepare your home for the upcoming fall weather.

Check Your Gutters And Drains

Your gutters and drains are what keeps rain flowing away from your home. They’re crucial to preventing any flooding or other possible damage to your home.

A few times a year, brush the leaves and other debris out of your gutters. And take some time now, before the rain, to check that your gutters and drains are hanging correctly and aren’t broken or rusty. Ensure they’e correctly set up to allow the water to flow nicely because stagnant water can breed insects and run the risk of overflowing.

Check Your Door & Window Seals

Cold weather and general use can wear down the seals on your doors and windows, so it’s something you need to check a few times a year.

If you check your seals often, you should be able to get away with merely applying some new seals and caulking on occasion.

Check Your Roof

It’s worth it to hire someone trustworthy to check your roof every fall. Now‘s the time to get it patched or replaced if need be. A roof that’s worn and missing shingles won’t be able to handle heavy rainfall. This can result in leaking, sagging, and other problems you don’t want to deal with.

Check Your Yard for Hazards

Take a walk through your yard and note any tree branches or bushes that are loose or close to any doors and windows. Once the rain and wind hit, they’ll add weight and movement to these branches. You could be looking at some severe damage to your house, fence, and other structures in your yard due to this.

Roll up any hoses, secure or put away your patio furniture and barbeque, and try to give your lawn one last cut before fall rolls in. 

Check Your Home

We know we already told you to check your roof and gutters, but while you’re doing that, take a look at the rest of your home, too. Maybe some of your sidings are loose or your outside steps or path leading up to your home could use some maintenance. It’s crucial that you get this done before the weight of the rain damages things even further.

Check Your Power Lines

Please note that it’s essential not to try to check or replace any wiring yourself. But you should keep an eye on things, especially after heavy wind and rain, and call in electricians or hydro crews if needed.

If you have power lines running to your house, take a quick look to make sure they’re not sagging and look secure overall. And now’s a great time to look around inside your home for any loose plugs and broken wires you should get fixed as well.

Check Your Heaters

Baseboard and register heating systems collect dust during the spring and summer. So you’ll likely notice they put off a strange smell the first day or two they’re turned back on.

You can prevent this smell – and the small risk of fire – by cleaning out your heaters before you turn them on for the season. Usually running a vacuum over them is good enough, but it’s worth getting professional advice from an electrician or heating expert to ensure they stay clean. 

Contact The Garman Group

As you can see, doing a bit of home maintenance now can save you some major headaches in the future. That’s true of all homes, but especially so of older homes. They generally need a bit more work to keep up with some of Victoria’s fall storms.

If you’re looking for a home that needs a little less maintenance, there are plenty in the Victoria real estate market, and our qualified MLS REALTORS® can help you start your search! Contact Garman Group today.