Looking to Buy or Sell a Smart Home? Take a Look at These 5 Tips

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Smart homes are becoming more and more popular every year as people realize how easy it is to bring technology into their homes. Not to mention how much easier their lives become once they start using it. So, you may be looking to buy a home with smart features already installed — or built right in. Or perhaps you must sell a home you’ve spent time installing smart technology into. No matter your situation, we’ve got some tips you should know before you buy or sell.


1. If You’re Selling, Take Time to List Your Smart Home Features

Take some time before your home goes up for sale to list all the smart technology you already have in it. And don’t just do it from memory — wander around your home, look at your subscriptions and services, and ask family members what they use. When you’re selling, you want to make sure everything is included in the listing and ensure the listing price reflects this important added technology.


2. Decide What You’re Taking With You When You Move

You’ll very likely take your smart home speakers with you when you move, and perhaps you’ll even take the time to uninstall light bulbs and other special smart home features you have. But what about your appliances and other large items? Suppose you have a smart refrigerator, washing machine, or anything else you love. In that case, it may be worth taking it with you rather than buying a new one. Of course, this must be stated in your listing, so buyers won’t assume it will come with the house.


3. Watch Out for the Data Left On What You Leave Behind

A lot of personal information is stored on your smart home features! This means if you have smart speakers or another system that stores your personal information, such as credit card information and passwords, you’ll need to clear it before you leave. This can be difficult to do, so you may want to consult a professional about doing it properly.


4. Also, Watch Out for This Data When You’re Buying

If you buy a home with smart home features, such as remote door locks or anything else that may pose a security risk, you’ll want to ensure these are cleared of any old information and have new passwords before you move in. You wouldn’t want someone who already has the information to be able to access your home — or any of the smart systems in your home.


5. When Buying, Set Up New Accounts & Review the Warranties

If any smart home technology is included in the home you’re buying, you’ll want to immediately create accounts in your own name for the services. Plus, you’ll want to check for any warranty information when you do. Some warranties will carry on to new owners, and others won’t.


At the Garman Group, we’ve been helping people buy and sell homes with smart home features for the last few years and have gained vast knowledge about all the aspects of it. So, if you’re looking to buy and/or sell a home with smart technology, contact us first