Look Up & Ask Yourself — Is It Time to Paint Your Ceiling?

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How often do you look up and notice your ceiling? Not very often, we imagine. Maybe when you’re dusting off some cobwebs, changing a light bulb, or considering doing some home renovations. But although you may not look up very often, your ceiling still makes up a big and important part of your room.

Most ceilings tend to be white, no matter what colours the walls are — which works, of course. But let’s be truthful, it’s a little bit boring. If you feel your room is missing a little zing, then painting your ceiling could be exactly what you need. We’re seeing more and more painted ceilings these days, and more and more, we hear ceilings being referred to as “the fifth wall.” But yes, it can seem like a daunting task to take it on yourself. Luckily, we’ve got some great design tips for you!


Know Your Light Sources

Much like when you paint your walls, you’ll want to look at the light sources in your room to help you decide the colours for your ceiling. If you have high windows which reflect light off of the ceiling, you can use that to your advantage. Also, consider the placement of your lamps and other lights in the room. A pink or softer colour can create a soft, air-like mood in your room, while darker colours will create a bolder vibe.


Consider the Room Size

If your room is quite small, you have a few options when it comes to painting your ceiling. We all know that rule: “light reflects light and makes things look larger, while dark recedes, making things look smaller.” So, for smaller rooms, you may want to shy away from dark hues. Painting your ceiling a darker shade may make the room look a bit smaller, it’s true, but a cozy look may be exactly what your room needs!

Light colours are always an option for your ceiling if you want to keep it basic and not draw the eye up. And, if you’re lucky enough to have vaulted ceilings, painting on vertical stripes will make the ceiling seem a lot higher up than it is. These can be bolder stripes that will draw the eye up, or very subtle stripes using light colours a few shades off from each other so the room may seem a bit bigger. Think optical illusions!


Look at Your Ceiling Texture

Yes, “popcorn ceilings” still exist, and so do other strangely textured ceilings. If you have one of these ceilings, or if your ceiling just isn’t in great shape, painting it a different shade, especially a bolder colour, will only draw attention to the texture or imperfection. If you’re determined to paint your ceiling, know you’ll have to work on the base first. It may not be a major home renovation, but it’ll take a bit of time to get it prepared to paint.


Match Your Ceiling to Your Walls

Depending on your room, wrapping it in colour can either create an extremely cozy, pleasing space, or it can overwhelm the eye. This can often work in bathrooms and other smaller rooms, and also in rooms where you want the room’s decor to be the center of attention. Tread carefully with this one, though.


Know You Can Just Keep It White

While we mentioned we’re seeing more and more painted ceilings, there are still lots of people who are leaving their ceilings alone or even painting them back to white. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of having a painted ceiling, white has worked for years when it comes to home decor and will continue to work. It’s ok to leave it alone.


Want More Tips?

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