Living Room Lighting Inspiration

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Few places in the home rival the multipurpose functionality of the living room. From lively gatherings and game nights to intimate movie marathons and book clubs, the living room truly lives up to its name. 

Given the unique flexibility of the space, choosing the right interior design and decoration to suit your needs and preferences can be a challenge. Between furnishing, flooring, and decor, living room lighting is often neglected until the final steps of the decorating process – but it shouldn't be! 

Since lighting has a significant impact on home ambiance, here are a few clever lighting tips to help you embrace the full potential of your living room. 

Blend function & fashion

First off, let's determine the objective of your lighting. Are you looking to brighten your space with various lamps for reading, studying, working, and other multipurpose family activities? Do you want to showcase your favourite art piece or a shelf of collector's items with spotlight fixtures? Maybe you're aiming for more of a luxe, relaxing vibe that can only be achieved with dimmer lights? 

However you plan to use your living room, there's an ideal lighting solution for you – and you don't need to sacrifice style to lighten things up! Function and fashion are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and there are heaps of ways to infuse your lighting setup with personality and charm. 

Play with colour

Once you understand your lighting goals, you can get creative with your approach. You have plenty of freedom to choose the right hue, luminosity, and colour to align with your interior design features

If you have a living room with little natural light, you may wish to stay on the brighter, whiter side of the lighting spectrum to achieve a natural, luminous glow. In technical terms, that means choosing light bulbs within a 4,000k to 6000k range. Bear in mind that the higher you get on the lighting spectrum, the harsher the lighting tends to be, so the brightest bulbs are likely best suited for task lamps for reading and working. 

Alternatively, bulbs with warmer colour temperatures that fall more accurately under orange or yellow hues are an excellent option for a cozier, more relaxed living room environment. Plus, these hues complement warmer paint and furniture colours. A professional interior designer, decorator, or lighting store expert can help you select the best bulbs for your space if you're uncertain where to start.  

Statement fixtures 

Another excellent way to add character to your living room lighting is to incorporate statement shades and fixtures. Whether you prefer the old-school glamour of a crystal chandelier, the modern simplicity of a pendant ceiling light, or the artistry of a bold sculpturesque light fixture – non-traditional lighting options abound to make a striking statement in your lounge. 

Statement lighting can also help you find the right balance between comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in your living room. You can use interesting lampshades, light covers, and fixtures to infuse your space with added elegance, whimsy, or edge for a big impact without any huge changes required. 

Incorporate luxury tech

Technology has overtaken home lighting as the height of modern luxury living by making it easier and more efficient to control the lights using your SmartPhone or computer. Home tech is a quick and easy way to elevate your living room lighting with convenience and style. Many apps and their applicable light bulbs allow for ultimate control in the palm of your hand to operate dimmers, turn lights on and off, and even change colours to suit your mood or the season. 

However you envision the lighting in your living room, there are countless options available to help make your dream home a reality. These ideas are only the beginning! 

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