How to Sell a Home That Needs Repairs

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Do you want or need to sell your home but been neglecting your home repairs, and now they’ve piled up into some significant issues? You could put a lot of time and money into fixing everything before you put your home on the market. But perhaps you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to bother. So, how can you successfully sell a house that obviously needs repairs?


Clean Up What You Can

There are likely a few, quick home repairs you can make over the next few weeks. Tightening a few closet and cupboard knobs, power washing the driveway, replacing light bulbs, cleaning your carpets, and tidying up your yard are all things you can do that won’t be too much work — but will make your home look a lot better.


Consider Doing Some Major Repairs

Many buyers are willing to overlook some cosmetic issues — such as scratches in the paint or a cracked kitchen floor — because chances are they'll want to make some changes when they move in. However, if anything is considered a safety issue in your home — a leaky roof, electrical issues, mould, water damage, or septic system problems — you may want to consider doing these repairs before you attempt to sell your house. Although they require a hefty investment, you’ll likely be able to make it up in the selling price. A lot of people won’t look twice at a home in need of major repairs, and if they do, you should expect a lowball offer from them.


Accentuate the Positive

If you have some major selling features in your home, do what you can to showcase them. If you have a large deck and/or backyard, clean it up and stage it well to showcase all it has to offer. Or if you have a large kitchen with new appliances, consider adding a fresh coat of paint, new hardware on the cupboards, and even a new countertop to make your kitchen a real showstopper.


Sell It “As Is”

Make it clear in your listing that your home needs some TLC and that you’re not going to be doing any fixes. Consider getting an inspection done to disclose everything right off the bat. This will save both you and your potential buyers time if they’re looking for a fully move-in ready house or want to bargain over fixes that need to be made.


Price It Right

The market is HOT right now! So, even if your home needs quite a bit of work, if you have a nice sized lot in a desirable neighbourhood, you’ll likely sell with few issues! However, if you’re not willing to bargain over completing any home repairs, you may need to drop your asking price to reflect this.


Get a Great Real Estate Agent!

If you have a great real estate agent, they'll help you decide if you should make any changes before you put your home on the market, what to highlight, and how to price it to be fair to both you as the seller as well as to entice potential buyers. At the Garman Group, we have experience selling houses of all kinds, and we’ll be happy to help you, too. Please contact us today!