How to Prepare Your Home for a Renovation

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Spring is a favourite time for homeowners to start home renovation projects. Maybe you’re hoping to increase your chance for a higher home appraisal. Or this may just be the year you decide to knock out a wall, renovate your basement, add an extra bathroom, or whatever else you’ve been thinking about.
As MLS REALTORS®, we see people take on home renovation projects all the time, so we know the proper steps to take. You’ve likely done your research on renovations and renovation companies, pulled all permits, and checked with your neighbourhood zoning laws — but there are a few more fundamental things you should do before your renovations get underway.

Clear Out the Area

Even if you’re working on a single bathroom or kitchen, workers will have to navigate through your home with their tools and supplies. Make things easier for them by removing anything from entryways and hallways which could provide an obstacle while carrying large items in.
Don’t forget to remove everything attached to walls and on shelves in rooms surrounding the renovation areas. The vibration of hammering can sometimes make things two rooms over, or even on another floor, fall off!
And it should go without saying to hide your valuables. There will likely be a lot of people in and out of your home during the renovations. Even if you know the people you hired, sometimes, things can get broken or accidentally thrown away.

Set Up Parameters

If your family is staying in your home during renovations, you’ll need to ensure everyone knows the areas to avoid, especially if you have small children. You may need to set up barricades or close doors during this time.
Putting up thick sheets of plastic around the area being worked on not only sets up your parameters but helps to keep the dust and debris contained to the renovation area.
It’s also important to let the workers doing the renovations know where they're allowed to go in your home. If there's a bathroom they can use, make sure they know where it is, so they're not traipsing around your house looking for it.
In cases where a bathroom is not easily accessible for workers, you can arrange for a portable toilet to be brought in and placed in your yard for them to use. But be aware that this will likely be at your cost.

Know What Work You Can Start With

If carpet needs to be ripped up or cupboards pulled down to start your renovation project, this might be something you can do yourself. This will save your contractor’s time and save you some money by doing this yourself. Just make sure you check with your contractors first.

Prepare Your Living Spaces

If you’re staying in your home during kitchen renovations, you’ll likely need to make some arrangements and prepare your family for the disruption in advance.
If one of your bathrooms will be out of order, create a schedule so the whole family can get ready in the morning without too much fuss. If your kitchen is being renovated, you may want to set up a coffee maker and possibly other small appliances elsewhere in the house for a while. And be prepared to eat out — a lot!

Contact The Garman Group

If you’re considering doing renovations and are curious about which ones will bring you the most resale value, feel free to ask us questions. And if you decide against renovations and choose to move into a home which is already updated, call the Garman Group to answer all your questions.