How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

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The holidays are coming up soon, and chances are you’re going to be away from home visiting friends and family. Therefore, leaving your home empty.

It can be an exciting and busy time packing and getting everything together before you leave, but there are a few things you must do to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Lock Everything

Even if you live in a very safe neighbourhood, locking your doors is a must — especially if you’re going to be away for more than a day.

And it’s surprising how many people remember to lock their doors yet totally forget their windows! So, check that every window and door in your home is secure. And don’t forget the basement and garage doors.

Consider a Security System

Security systems are so advanced these days that you can use your phone to see what’s going on in your home — even if you’re in a different country! You don’t have to get a security system quite that advanced, but a simpler system will alert you if there’s an intruder in your home.

Deal With Your Mail

Seeing papers and mail pile up outside a home or in a mailbox can tip thieves off that no one is home. If you get mail and papers delivered to your home, get someone to collect them for you. Or contact the post office and newspaper department to have your delivery stopped while you’re away.

Get Someone to Check In

If you can get a friend, family member, or trusted neighbour to check in on your house when you’re gone, that’s ideal. They can collect your mail, water your plants, and adjust the lights and curtains so your home doesn’t look like it’s empty.

Put Your Lights on a Timer

Turning your lights off makes it obvious that someone isn’t home, but leaving the same lights on the entire time looks suspicious, too. Because who leaves their bedroom light on all night, every night, right?! A timer can ensure different lights turn on at various times during the evening, then off at night, mimicking your actions as if you were actually at home.

Plus, your hydro bill will suffer from leaving your lights always on. Speaking of which…

Unplug Everything

You should unplug your microwave, stereo, TV, and all other appliances that don’t need to stay on. These draw hydro, so if they’re not being used for a while, they’re better off unplugged.

Fix Everything

If you have a pipe that’s leaking, a fridge that’s humming strangely, or anything else you’re a little suspicious about, get it fixed before you leave. You don’t want to worry about these things while you’re away, and you certainly don’t want that pipe to burst or the fridge to shut off while you’re gone. Dealing with it all now gives you peace of mind.

Stay Off Social Media

You may be really excited about going to visit your family in another province, but be careful who you tell! Sharing news that you’re leaving and posting pictures while you’re away can indicate to potential thieves that there’s an empty house. Even if you have your settings on private, it’s surprisingly easy how many unscrupulous people can breach your security and find your account by searching for keywords!

Share your trip news only with trusted friends, and wait until you’re back to share pictures online.


From all of us at the Garman Group, your go-to Victoria MLS REALTORS®, we hope you have a great trip! For more useful home and real estate tips, please check out our other blog posts.