How to Create Your Perfect Backyard Garden Oasis

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With the warmer weather upon us as well as the fact that we’re allowed to entertain — safely — once again, we’re sure you’re going to be putting your outdoor space to good use over the next few months! But if you’ve been ignoring your yard or feel like it needs a bit more oomph, use our helpful tips to turn your outdoor space into a garden oasis.


Find What You Like

Knowing what you want in your garden — and making sure it all fits — is the best first step to take.

If you like greenery, look for many green plants — trees, shrubs, and other greenery. But if you like it bold and colourful, you can expand into flowers and other colourful plants. You may also not like the scent or look of certain plants, so you should avoid those. You can also take this time to decide if you want your garden to be made entirely of flowers and trees or include an herb and vegetable garden as well.

Look at pictures of backyard garden spaces online, or take some time to scroll through your local garden centre to figure out what you like and what would fit best in your outdoor space.


Don’t Forget to Add Seating & Other Accessories

The main point of designing a luxurious backyard garden is to spend time in it. So, make sure to leave room for your lawn furniture. Make sure you get quality, weatherproof, comfortable seating that will accommodate everyone you plan to entertain. Adding in extra cushions, pillows, and throw blankets makes the area even more appealing. And if you plan to entertain past dark, then you’ll want to add lighting — lanterns, lamps, or hanging fairy lights — and possibly an outdoor heater or fireplace to keep your space warm, cozy and fun.

Consider putting in an outdoor kitchen to entertain while you cook and have a convenient bar for beverages as well. Outdoor kitchens can be as simple as having a large barbeque, a mini-fridge, and prep counter — or you can go all out and have an entire full-sized kitchen in your yard.

Adding a water feature into your gardens, such as a pond, fountain, or waterfall, makes the area feel more tranquil and provides a great visual in your yard. You may even want to add a pool or a hot tub if you have the room and think you’ll enjoy using it!


Utilize Every Space

You’re not limited to using planters for your garden! Make part — or even all of your lawn — into flower beds. You can have different sections for each colour or type of plant or mix it up a bit.

And don’t forget hanging baskets and climbing vines — these can create a nice green touch when hung up or growing on pergolas, sheds, and any other structure you have in your backyard.


Build Patios & Paths

Unless you have a large patio attached to your home to do your entertaining on, you’ll likely want to create one in your backyard. Lay down some bricks, a cement slab, or stone to build a surface that can hold everything. You may even want to create a few different areas with paths in between to divide your yard into different zones — for kids, entertaining, and relaxing.


Don’t Forget About Privacy

When you’re entertaining in your backyard, you don’t want to disturb your neighbours with your movement and lights. And you certainly don’t want nosy neighbours peering over to see what you’re up to. So, complete your backyard garden oasis with some sort of fencing — a line of trees, shrubs, or a fence.


At the Garman Group, we’re committed to finding you a space that you and your family will love to live in. A yard can be an essential part of this. So, if you don’t have the yard space, you need to create your own backyard garden oasis. Talk to us, and we’ll help you find a property with precisely what you need.