How to Create a Stylish Home Gym

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After the last year and a half, public gyms may seem a little unsafe — not to mention the fact that fitness centres may now have limited hours or require you to book an appointment. Having a home gym is an excellent way to keep in shape on your own schedule, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Not to mention that it will add incredible value to your home — and your life. But a home gym is more than a treadmill set up in the corner of your living room. We’d like to give you some tips on how to set up a stylish, useful home gym.


Think About What Equipment You Will Use

If you avoid the treadmill like the hot plague even at the gym, you’re not going to use it much at home. So, think about how you can get a complete well-rounded workout using equipment you’ll actually use. Pelotons have become popular lately, but there are plenty of other machines, weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls that will help you create workouts you love.


Plan Your Space

You want to make sure you have enough room to navigate around all your equipment and have enough space for you to feel comfortable. Leave some room for the storage and special items you want to add. 


Add Gym Accents

Full wall mirrors aren’t just for making a room look bigger, they help you check your form when exercising, so try to incorporate at least one into your workout space. You may want to paint the walls a fun or bright colour to inspire you. And think about what types of flooring you want in your home gym — springy gym floors, rubber tiles, and matte finish floors are all top choices depending on what you like and what you plan to do in your space.

Stylish benches and unique looking racks can hold your weights and other equipment as well as towels, water, and whatever else you need. You’ll most likely need at least one fan so decide if you want wall-mounted or larger floor fans. And think about adding in a television and/or stereo system with speakers to allow you to listen to music or watch TV to keep you motivated.


Plan Your Lighting

You likely don’t want to stick with the single lightbulb that’s in the room you’re using. Plan for track lighting, spotlights, or other lighting that’s both comforting and flattering.


Any Other Special Touches

Make sure to add a touch of YOU to your home gym! Include your favourite plants and fresh flowers to brighten the room, candles, aromatherapy, snacks, pictures, art, and anything else to make your home gym a room you love to work out in.