How to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Oasis

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Spring has arrived in Victoria, and we’re ready to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures. If you don’t already have an outdoor living space that makes you feel calm and happy, now is the time to make one! No matter how big or small your yard is, we hope to inspire you to create a space you’ll want to spend all summer in.


Figure Out Where You Want To Set It Up

Take a look around your outdoor space throughout the day and figure out where the sun hits most and at what times of the day. Based on this information, you can decide where to set everything up. You may want to put a lounge chair where the direct sun hits in the afternoon or place a child’s play area in a shadier spot. 


Decide On Your Furniture

Are you looking to just create a special outdoor personal oasis for yourself? Or will this be a space you entertain all your family and friends in? Once you decide what you want to use your space for, you’ll know what kind of outdoor furnishings you need. A lounger or a full table set. A small barbeque or large outdoor kitchen space.

Choose sturdy furniture that can withstand any summer rainfall as well as the hot sun. If your yard is in direct sunlight you may want to get a large umbrella to shade some of it. And if you want to extend your patio season into fall you should consider getting an outdoor heater.

Make sure you measure your space before you shop for furniture. You don’t want to buy too many furnishings or pieces that are too big — this will just clutter up your area.


Do Your Research

If you’re just planning on setting out some chairs and a barbeque on your deck you don’t have too much to think about. But if you’re planning on building decks or walkways in your yard or are looking to add in an outdoor kitchen or anything else electrical you may need to check with your municipality for potential permits.


Create Some Great Lighting

Once the sun sets you may not want to head back inside on a warm night. So, consider getting some outdoor lamps to brighten up your area. Or you could simply get some tiki torch lamps or a few strings of fairy lights for some relaxing mood lighting.


Add The Finishing Touches

It’s the finishing touches that really make a space look great. Get some pillows or throws for your chairs, and add some candles or cool outdoor art pieces to put around.

If you have room, a water feature is always great to add great ambiance. A small fountain or pond is always nice and they come in many sizes at many different price points.

Plants are an integral part of any outdoor space. Plant some bright flowers in the area, get some hanging baskets, or place some cool palm trees or fan trees around your yard.


We hope you’re able to create an outdoor garden oasis you love to spend time in this summer. If you are looking for a new home or condo to help you create this space or just have any questions about Victoria’s real estate, please contact us at the Garman Group today.