How to Clean Your Outdoor Cushions

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You’re likely already spending a lot of time enjoying your outdoor space soaking up the warm, sunny weather. Hopefully, you have some stylish outdoor furniture and lots of comfortable cushions and pillows to sink into. You likely wipe down your furniture often but may forget about the fact that the pillows and cushions need to be cleaned regularly, too.

Even if you bring your pillows and cushions indoors at the end of each day, they’re still collecting dust, debris, stains, and pollen. This means you should be cleaning them regularly and definitely before you store them away at the end of the season. Here’s what you need to know.


Follow the Directions

Checking the tag on your cushions or the bag they came in may let you know if they can be laundered or if they require any special cleaning. If they have removable covers, then you can simply remove those and throw them in the wash.


Grab Your Vacuum

Using the hose attachment on your vacuum, run it over your furniture to loosen dirt and debris. Ensure you get right into all the seams where crumbs can fall, and don’t forget to vacuum underneath the furniture coverings.


Get Your Hose

Waterproof patio furniture can be hosed down by a garden hose and left to dry. Place your cushions on a hard surface beforehand, like your driveway or patio, to prevent dirt from running onto other pillows and cushions while they’re being washed.


Scrub Your Pillows

If you have a particularly grimy pillow or have spilled something on them, use a cleansing solution and brush that’s recommended for your type of pillow. A mixture of 1 tbsp dish detergent with ¼ cup of Borax is safe for most surfaces and will get the job done — although you may want to test it on the back or corner of one pillow before you attack the rest of it. Apply the mixture, let it sit for about five minutes, then rinse it off well. Let each pillow dry thoroughly before putting it back.

You should use this deep cleaning scrub on each of your cushions before you store them away for the season.

Combat Smells

Sometimes your pillows can take on smells from the outdoors — from cooking, flowers, smoke, or just from being outside in the humid air.

After giving your pillows a thorough vacuum to remove the dust and some of the pollen, spray them with a mixture of ¼ cup vinegar to roughly 4 cups of water. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse well with water. Let them air dry in the sun, and they’ll be like new.


Re-Treat Your Cushions

Some pillows come pre-treated with a coating that helps to protect against stains. These types of pillows should be thoroughly cleaned and re-treated at least once a season.

Please double check that your treatment spray — and the pre-treated cushions you buy — don’t contain chemicals that can harm you or any animals which may come into contact with it.

We hope you have a great outdoor space to enjoy your summer in. If you’re on the hunt for a home that has a backyard and/or patio, please let us at the Garman Group help you sift through the houses for sale. Contact us today!