How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Home

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When you’re searching for a new home, it can be hard to figure out what type of layout you should look for. After all, in the Victoria real estate market, you can find a large variety of plans when looking at homes for sale. Or maybe you’re building your own house or undergoing an extensive home renovation to change up your space, and you’re wondering how to choose the best layout.

Here are some great tips we’ve come up with to help you figure out what layout will work the best for you and your family.


Think About How Much Space You Need

One of the first questions most MLS REALTORS® will ask you before you start looking at houses for sale is how many bedrooms you need. This is an important question, but there are other things to think about when it comes to space.

If you’ve got a large family that gets ready at the same time every morning, you may want to look at having a bathroom for each person or one for every two people. A large family may also mean you want a family room or other recreation space in your home.

And don’t forget about your yard. Do you want your family to be able to run around outside, have plenty of room to garden, and a large deck to entertain? Or do you care more about what’s inside the home rather than out? Take this into consideration when looking at home layouts.


Think About How Many Floors You Want

Some people prefer living in a one-storey home, while others prefer multi-level living. In fact, we’ve talked about the pros and cons of both in a previous post.

Maybe you don’t care about how many living levels you have but would love to have a home with a basement or attic for storage, or other future uses.


Think About What Works In Your Current Layout

Do you love the fact that your bathroom is attached to your bedroom? But do you wish your kitchen had more flow into the dining room? And would it make your day to have a larger area to do laundry in? Great – now you know what you need to look for when you start looking at layouts for your next home.


Think About Your Furniture

If you have custom made or unique furniture you may have some pieces which may only fit into larger rooms. So, unless you are looking at getting new furniture, you’ll need to look for houses for sale which have rooms big enough to fit your pieces nicely.


Think About Your Family’s Needs

If you have young children, you may not want to have a home with a lot of stairs. And if you have elderly relatives living with you, you’ll need to make sure their bathroom is large enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair which they may have now or need in the future.


Think About Hiring a Great MLS REALTOR®

When you have an excellent REALTOR®, your journey to finding the right home with the right layout is so much easier!

At the Garman Group, we know the right questions to ask and only show you houses for sale that fit your needs. Contact us today so we can help you get started on your home search.