How to Bring a Loft-Feel Into Your Home

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Do you love how stylish lofts look but have a house or condo that doesn’t resemble a loft at all? We’ve got a few great tips for bringing the look of a loft into your own space — no matter what it looks like now.


Incorporate Eclectic Furniture

Lofts are often full of different styles of furniture — pieces of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Utilize some of the furniture you love and pair them with vintage pieces that pop and second-hand finds from friends or relatives.


Create An Open Floor Plan

Lofts are notoriously built with an open floor plan, so re-creating this idea of space is essential for bringing a loft feel into your home.

There are a few ways to do this:

Group your furnishings. Grouping your furniture into separate areas is one way you can make your rooms a little more open. Leave plenty of space between the areas you create to give the room an airy, spacious feel. You may need to get rid of some of your original furnishings to create a sparser feel and incorporate some of the eclectic pieces mentioned above.

Consider remodelling. If you truly want the look of an open floor plan, you may want to consider knocking out some walls to actually create an open floor plan. Perhaps your living room, dining room, and even kitchen could become one large area instead of three separate ones.


Don’t Cover Your Windows

Exposed windows and lots of natural light are key to attaining a loft feel. Leave your windows uncovered as much as possible. If you must have coverings, use light, sheer curtains or blinds.


Have Brick or Concrete Walls

The walls in lofts are often exposed brick or unfinished in some other way. If you live in an older home, there may be a chance you have brick walls hiding behind your drywall, but in most cases, you won’t.

You can always add in brick walls if you want to — even single walls make a huge impact. However, if you’re not ready to build a whole new wall, you can look into faux brick coverings or even wallpaper that resembles brick or concrete.


Add Cool Accessories

In addition to your eclectic furnishings, you’ll need some cool accessories to make sure your space has a loft-like feel. Add some artwork onto your walls — and if you can hang it to make your ceilings appear even higher, all the better! Bookshelves with colourful books, cool vintage floor or hanging lights, stylish rugs, and pops of colour are all easy ways you can make your space resemble a loft.


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