Helping Your Home Survive a Victoria Winter

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Wow, we’ve sure had a lot of rain this winter and it’s only just begun. This IS Victoria after all. Anyway, we hope you caught our post Before the Rain back in November and have prepared your home for the weather.

Now that winter is in full swing there are a few more steps you can take to protect your home. And don’t worry, we offer a few tips you can use if you didn’t actually get around to preparing your home in the first place.

Prepare For Wind & Rain

Maybe you didn’t prepare your doors, windows, etc. in the fall because you didn’t think they needed them. Now you’re feeling the wind howl through your kitchen door frame and seeing the condensation on your dining room windows. Perhaps you should've taken care of it before but it’s not too late! In fact, now that you know where all the leaks are, get out your caulking gun and weather-strips and get to it. Make sure to follow the instructions though, and make sure the area is dry before starting.

Frozen Pipes

So, your water didn’t get turned off (oops!) and now your pipes have started to freeze. Luckily, most of the time, it can be fixed without costly repair as long as they haven’t burst. If you have NO idea what you’re doing, it’s definitely best to consult the experts first. But if you can access the pipe, you can likely flush it yourself with a blow dryer or other heat source (safely), leaving the water on until it’s thawed out.

Your Heating

Now that you’ve had your heat on for a while, pay attention to any strange noises you may be hearing, or funny smells coming from your heater. This could be a sign something is wrong. Getting it fixed sooner rather than later will likely save you some bucks.

Mud & Muck

Forgot to buy mats for your entryway?  Now you’ve got some dried mud spots and puddles of water, right? Take a few hours to give it a good clean. Shampoo your carpet if necessary.

Head out to your local home supply store and stock up on some plastic or water absorbing mats to prevent any further damage. Add a waterproof tray right inside, or outside, your door for people to deposit wet boots, gloves and hats.

Supply Kit

Heavy rain and winds can cause the power to go out and some areas of Victoria are more prone to this than others (we’re sure you know which areas these are if you live there). It's important to make sure you keep flashlights nearby. You can find magnetic ones which stick to your garage door or fridge so it's easy to find when you need them.

It’s not a bad idea to keep some ready to eat, canned food on hand too for those outages that go on longer. Don't forget the can opener! It may be time to update your first aid kit as well. Slippery steps and other winter woes can cause injuries so keep lots of antibacterial solution and bandages on hand.

Of course, in Victoria, you should already have an earthquake kit on hand (hint hint!) but that’s a whole different article!

We hope you're having a warm, comfortable winter in your home. If not, is it time for a new one? The Garman Group will be happy to help you in any way we can.