Exterior Staging — Why & How You Should Do It

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You've heard us talk about home staging several times before — but we've mainly focused on how and why to stage the interior of your home. Today, we will talk about exterior staging — why it's so important and how you can do it yourself.


Why You Should Stage the Exterior of Your Home

You know curb appeal helps increase the value of your home because often, the first impression is the most important. If you're selling your home, you want people to be intrigued by what's inside your house when they view the outside — either from pictures or when driving by.

The appeal of your home's exterior has become even more crucial over the past year because people have spent more time at home — entertaining in and enjoying their yards. Many people looking for a new home to buy want to continue enjoying their outdoor experiences and are looking for a home they can set up their patio furniture and use right away.


How to Stage the Exterior of Your Home

Declutter as much as you can. It's essential to have a good "flow" through your yard to make it easy to navigate through and see the possibilities of the yard. As mentioned above, people are looking to continue outdoor entertaining, so if you don't already have a great outdoor entertaining area set up, then buy, rent, or borrow some quality patio furniture to show potential buyers the perfect space for entertaining. Store away any extra pieces of furniture that are worn or don't match the décor of your yard. Clean up any kid's toys or dog toys you have laying around — although a well-maintained dog house or large play structure can stay. Put your lawnmower or any other garden tools in your shed or garage.

Freshen up your garden. Keep your garden well weeded and ensure what is growing in it is well tended to. If you don't already have anything planted, consider placing pots full of bright flowers around to increase the visual appeal of your yard — you can even take these with you when you move if you don't want to leave them. You'll also want to keep your trees and bushes trimmed back to make your yard appear cleaner and larger, and your lawn should be healthy (water and fertilize it to keep it green) and well-trimmed.

Upgrade your exterior. If the exterior of your home, fencing, driveway, pathways, and outdoor structures are looking a little faded, often a power washer will do the trick to freshen them up. Of course, getting in there with a bit of paint may be needed if it's worn. If you're feeling extra bold, you can paint your front door a bold colour to attract some more attention. Make sure your windows are clean and that your roof and gutters are in good shape and have no moss on them.


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