Design Debate: Should Beds Go Under Windows or Not?

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Given its inclusion in the word "bedroom," your bed is arguably the most vital design feature of your sleeping space. Much like choosing a window or aisle seat on a plane, deciding whether to position your bed beside, beneath, or far from a window can be challenging when considering each option's benefits and drawbacks. 

For interior designers, where to position beds in relation to windows is a commonly discussed debate. While much of your bedroom design choices will depend on personal preference, there are multiple unique factors to consider when choosing the ideal place for your bed. So we've compiled some ideas to help you find the best configuration for your needs. 

Embrace natural light 

If you're keen to wake with the sun, putting your bed directly underneath and facing a window could help you get that fresh dose of vitamin D before even hopping out of the covers. That said, if you have an east-facing bedroom window, the sunrise will operate on an earlier schedule during the summer that could interfere with your circadian rhythm – that is, the natural process that cues your body when it needs sleep. 

Sure, you could use black-out curtains more often, but why cover the natural light and conceal your epic views? Instead, if bright light is a problem for you — whether from the sun, construction floodlights, or city skylines — it may be best to avoid positioning your bed directly beside or underneath a window. As an alternative, you could have your bed facing a window indirectly from another location in the room. 

Check out the view

For those who overlook a gorgeous cityscape, forest, mountain range, waterfront, or even some well-manicured gardens – chances are part of why you bought your home was for the luscious views. We can't blame you there, and if positioning your bed beside the window to make the most of the view is your aim, let's go with that! Try angling your bed beside the window where possible to fall asleep beneath a blanket of stars and wake up to a brilliant sunrise over the picturesque scenery — all without an obstructed view! 

Climate considerations

In Canada, where we experience opposite extreme temperatures and everything in between, our climate is an important consideration when positioning your bed. For example, during the summer, an open window can carry a much-needed breath of fresh air into the room for which you'd want your bed nearby. 

In the winter, depending on the location of your heating system, you'll want to avoid blocking any heat sources. At worst, you could have a fire hazard. On a less severe note, blocking a heat vent or radiator can limit its effectiveness and ramp up your heating bill. It's better to sleep near a window if it means you won't block the heat!

Function over fashion

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your bed cannot go anywhere else but by or under the window. Maybe your California king bed fits the window wall best, or otherwise, you'd be blocking the door, closet, or heating and ventilation system. Whatever the case may be, when putting your bed beneath the window solves a design problem, choose function over fashion every time. 

You might have heard that beds under windows are a definitive design no-no, especially as far as Feng Shui is concerned. While we can't speak to the potentially negative implications that come with the chi — or energy — of placing your bed under a window, Feng Shui experts concede that there are protective practices you can engage in if you're worried about the fact that your room cannot accommodate any other configuration. 

The versatility of interior design is both a blessing and a curse. You may have near-complete freedom to cultivate a space that reflects who you are, but the options can feel endless, making it hard to choose wisely. Whatever your style, rest assured that your perfect setup is out there – and there are experts available to help make your dreams a reality. 

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