Creating the Perfect Walk-In Closet

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Do you dream of being able to see your entire wardrobe whenever you walk into your closet? To have your clothes all nicely hanging or folded so they don’t wrinkle? Then you would likely benefit from having a walk-in closet. More new homes are being built with the master bedroom having a walk-in closet these days. And it’s now one of the most common remodel projects we see in homes. So, if you’re planning on custom building your home or doing a remodel project, how should you create your perfect walk-in wardrobe? We’ve got some great tips for you:


Decide What You’re Going to Put In It

Knowing what you’re going to put in your walk-in wardrobe will help you determine how you should design it. Plan out how much clothing you have to fit into your wardrobe and if you’ll include your spouse’s clothing in as well.

You may want to store your shoes, jackets, hats, and other accessories in your walk-in, too, rather than somewhere like a hallway closet.

Once you know what — and how much — you have to put in your walk-in wardrobe, you’ll be able to plan the size, design, and space needs for your closet.


Decide What You Need

Do you prefer to hang most of your clothing — or fold it? Knowing how you choose to store most of your clothes will help you decide what you need to build into your walk-in closet. You may want to have many levels of clothing rails and/or hooks, or maybe you’ll choose to have more drawers or shelves instead. 

Take this opportunity to look through design blogs or magazines and hit up Pinterest. These are excellent places to see what others are using in their walk-in closets and what design and storage solutions you like best.


Choose Your Lighting

You’ll likely need to put lights in your walk-in closet so you can see everything in there. Many people design their walk-in wardrobes around windows and/or a skylight so the clothing can be viewed in natural light — but that doesn’t work unless it’s light outside. You want your lighting to complement your clothing and allow you to see the colours and details in the various pieces in your wardrobe. LED lighting is common but again, take a look at other designs to see what you like or ask your builder for recommendations on what will work for your space.


Don’t Forget the Materials

You may want to implement a certain colour scheme in your closet that matches the flow of your home and the room it’s in or near. Or you may decide to go with a totally different colour palette to suit your closet — perhaps all wooden.

And you don’t want to forget about the finishing touches! Door pulls, hooks, and other types of décor really add a sleek look to a walk-in wardrobe.


Don’t Want to Build Your Own?

Maybe you’re not in the mood to design and build your own walk-in closet — but you’d love one. At the Garman Group, we can help you find a home with a walk-in wardrobe and everything else to suit your needs. Contact us today for more information on Victoria real estate or to start your home search.