A warranty is useless if you don’t know it exists.

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A warranty is useless if you don’t know it exists.
Recent studies suggest that upwards of 50% of people pay to get items
fixed that were actually covered by a warranty. So, when purchasing a new
home, be sure to ask this simple question: “What warranties do you have for
items, materials or workmanship in this house?”
Warranties are common on new stoves, fridges, washers, dryers and other
big ticket appliances. Some such warranties are transferrable, which means
they are still in force when the items pass from one owner to another.
Even less expensive items, such as electronic thermostats and automatic
garage door openers, may be covered by a transferrable manufacturer’s
warranty. If the home you’re purchasing is relatively new (say, less than 10 years old),
the builder’s warranty may also still be in force. That can be handy if a structural problem arises.
Even recent renovations, may have come with a labour and/or installation warranty of some kind.
As you can see, warranties are everywhere! The more you’re aware of
them, the more you’ll save when something needs repair or replacement.