6 Stylish Alternatives to Popcorn Ceiling

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If you’ve ever had the task of clearing dust or cobwebs from a popcorn ceiling, we salute you! Aside from being excessively annoying to maintain, many homeowners agree that the prickly stucco of unsightly popcorn ceiling is outdated and without genuine function or fashion. So if you’re eager for a change, it might be time to reclaim popcorn as a movie snack and unleash the full potential of your ceiling.

That said, it’s not enough to merely scrape the plaster from your ceiling and move on. You’ll also need ideas to add some decorative flair. So here are some alternative finishings to modernize your ceiling with style. 

1. The cover-up

The first thing you should know is that removing a popcorn ceiling is not an easy do-it-yourself project. You may be better off hiring a professional ceiling scraper because it’s a messy, complex process that takes time to do right. Having a smooth, clean surface to work with afterward is essential for drywall protection and aesthetics. 

If you’re not up for the hassle or don’t want to invest in professional removal, you could always cover your existing popcorn ceiling with new drywall. Sure, you may lose some space, but we promise it won’t be too noticeable. Besides, it’ll be worth it when you have a fresh start for executing your vision. 

2. Textured paint  

Sometimes, the removal of popcorn ceilings is necessary, like with older homes where there may be a risk of asbestos or evidence of water damage. Either way, once you have a clean, smoothed-out drywall installation, you can get creative with paint to modernize the look of your ceiling through texture. 

Thankfully, there is more to textured ceilings than just old-fashioned popcorn — and these ones look loads better. Consulting with a professional painter specializing in textures is a great way to ensure you get the best quality for your home interior. However, if you’re someone who likes artful DIYs, this could be an excellent option for you! Here are a few on-trend textures to consider as a starting point:

  • Distressed Venetian
  • Decorative stensiling
  • Freestyle trowling
  • Textured waves

3. Faux-finish painting 

If you like the creativity of paint but aren’t fussed about the above textures alone — choosing a faux-finish paint style may be right for you. Faux-finish painting is like a sophisticated mural for your ceiling that could incorporate different textures, styles, colours, and themes based on your preferences. So whether you want a starry sky for your child’s bedroom or a unique abstract conversation piece for your dining room ceiling, the options are endless! 

4. Shine bright

Looking for something glamorous to catch the eye? Ceilings need not be boring or understated! Instead, try investing in some authentic tin-pressed ceiling panels for a vintage-chic vibe. If you’re keen on a bargain, you can also try a more affordable alternative using cost-effective materials to mimic the appeal of tin tiles. Given all the gorgeous details incorporated into these designs, you’ll always find yourself looking up to enjoy this charming focal point.

5. Beadboard

Beadboard blends modern simplicity with rustic woodwork to create an instant classic that pairs perfectly with crown moulding and many other stunning trims. Beadboard typically requires additional planning, materials, painting (or staining), and professional carpentry installation, but it sure looks incredible afterward! 

Whichever interior style you prefer, there’s no reason to settle for popcorn ceilings with this many alternative options — these ideas are only the beginning. Let your imagination run wild, and don’t forget to keep looking up! 

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