6 Architectural Home Trends to Watch

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Design trends come and go, and home builders and interior designers are always searching and itching to explore the next best up-and-coming design trends and concepts. Design trends aren’t just about the colours, materials, and accessories that make up a space, though those elements do play a big part. Design concepts also rely on a home's structural design and architectural elements! Home architectural design is catching up with our modern lives, with some older trends being elevated and upgraded for today’s world.


Here are 6 architectural home trends to watch! 


Eco-friendly homes

This trend is a significant move toward the future of home design. Sustainability has seen a steep rise in popularity; this trend has some big Earth benefits—installing solar panels, energy-efficient building design, and water recycling plumbing systems. Eco-friendly homes are in and evolving! 


Blending the inside and outside

Since 2020, we’ve seen a burst of spaces that blend the outside and inside worlds. There’s no longer pressure to have an extreme separation between inside and outside. We’re not saying let’s tear down all the walls and live outdoors, but with clever use of this trend, you could live in a more open, natural space. This isn’t just about the use of more natural lighting, materials, and colours but incorporating typical inside aspects of your home into the outdoors. Like outdoor showers or kitchen spaces! 


Modern Minimalism

Minimalism is coming back in a new and evolved way, especially when it comes to the materials and colours used in new builds. The focus moves away from cold minimalist concrete design towards utilizing natural materials and earthy tones to add some elevation to the simple minimalist design. This one’s all about clean, modern lines with a touch of natural elements and textures on top of the light design you expect from minimalism.


Industrial Style

Closely tied in with minimalism, the industrial style began way back in the 40s after the industrial boom left many warehouse spaces abandoned and turned into rental spaces. Now, these spaces have started has evolved into a modern, functional, and classy design style. Think big open spaces, a ton of natural light, high ceilings, with angular shapes and symmetry. The elevated industrial style is flexible and open, with a very modern appeal.


Multifunctional Spaces

Think of this trend as the next step up from open-concept homes. With more and more people working from home, modern home design is now seeing more and more spaces that don’t have as much of a defined purpose. The goal is to have flexible rooms to easily transform into a different space without requiring complete makeovers or reno jobs. Creating more flexible and adaptable spaces also means less waste when it comes to redesigning and renovating spaces completely, so this trend is also a sustainability win! 


Smart home systems

Today’s era of home design is all about functionality and adaptability, and what provides more high-quality functionality than smart home systems? These systems can control your temperature, ventilation, lighting, household appliances, and security. Incorporating smart systems in home design means a comfortable sense of safety with high-tech capabilities. Not only do smart home systems have numerous benefits, but most smart systems also have energy-efficient settings that help you regulate the energy consumption in your home, which makes this another sustainability-winning trend!

With such a wide range of design trends and elements continuing to grow and with new ones popping up seemingly every day, there’s no doubt that there’s a new design trend or style that you’re going to fall in love with. Let us help find you your modern dream home. Get in touch with a Garman Group MLS REALTOR® today and start living your modern dream.