2022 Home Bathroom Trends for Your Next Remodel

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Designing a picture-perfect bathroom may not top your priority list for home improvements this year, but if you’re looking for some lavish ways to upgrade your space, you may want to reconsider! Think about it this way: The lavatory is an essential part of the home for obvious reasons, but why limit yourself to a functional yet boring bathroom when there’s potential for so much more? 

Reimagine your bathroom with us for a moment as a relaxing oasis for at-home spa treatments and luxurious baths in a deep soaker tub. Envision towel warming racks and heated floors for stepping out of the shower on cool winter days. Picture having plenty of efficient storage space for the finest selection of towels and toiletries. If you’re interested in changes related to bathroom vanities, flooring, wallpaper, or otherwise — when it comes to bathroom renovations, the options are endless. 

So if your washroom could use a boost, we’ve got some 2022 bathroom trends to inspire your next renovation or redecoration plans. 

Blending vintage and modern styles

Why settle for one extreme or the other when you can enjoy the best of both worlds by incorporating contemporary design and vintage fixtures into your bathroom? Nothing says classic luxury quite like a vintage claw-foot bathtub paired with a modern sink and faucet for aesthetic contrast and added appeal. If you prefer contemporary design overall, you can still add a traditional flair by using vintage-inspired decor pieces, vanities, or light fixtures.

Minimalist storage options

In keeping with the at-home spa trend that remains on track to continue post-pandemic, homeowners are beginning to embrace the bathroom as a sanctuary of calm. To maintain the clean, organized aesthetic of your favourite spa, opt for clear acrylic containers to organize skincare products, hair care items, and other essential toiletries. For a truly minimal look, consider adding or revamping your storage cabinets to keep miscellaneous items out of sight and out of mind. 

Ready to up the ante even further? Consider exploring a minimalist colour scheme that evokes a sense of peace for you and your family, then paint and decorate accordingly. 

Engaging murals and bold wallpaper

If you’re looking to liven up your lavatory, you’re not limited to the neutral colours of the typical minimalist approach. Statement walls are making a comeback in a big way according to 2022 bathroom trends as more people grow keen to make a splash with busy murals and bold wallpaper styles that show some personality. You can take some creative license here to make the space your own. 

Plants and natural materials

Given the increased reliance upon at-home self-care alternatives, homeowners are eager to recreate a rejuvenating environment in which to prepare for the day or wind down and relax after work. Natural materials like stone, wood, and texturized tiles can help add some warmth to an otherwise clinical bathroom. Natural light and plants – both real or decorative – are excellent accents for a more earthy feel. Plus, these upgrades are often more of an eco-friendly alternative than synthetic materials. 

With all this in mind, we hope you can appreciate the bathroom as the unsung hero of the home – a place for more than hygiene and cleanliness! So here’s to splurging on bathroom renovations that bring you the at-home spa serenity and indulgence you deserve. 

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