November 1st, 2017 - Victoria Real Estate Stats

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Victoria Real Estate Market Slowly Stabilizing after a Record Breaking 2016 A total of 664 properties sold in the Victoria Real Estate Board region this October, 9.7 per cent fewer than the 735 properties sold in October last year.

Sunday Football

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Football Sunday is a religious experience for some households and provides a great way to not only watch the game, but also enjoy the company that comes with it. We all have that one friend that has the perfect set up and can easily accommodate a variety of guests.

Fall Stats - October 2017

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Victoria Real Estate Market Changes Tempo for Autumn

3 Reasons to Talk to a Realtor Today

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You might naturally assume that it is most important to talk to a Realtor when you’re selling or buying a home. But there are many other circumstances in which it makes sense to give me a call. Here are a few examples:

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