A warranty is useless if you don’t know it exists.

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Imagine this scenario... You purchase a new home and move in. A few weeks later, you hear a strange rumbling sound. It’s the furnace. It’s only a year old, yet it’s sputtering like it’s twenty. You realize you’ll have to call in an HVAC contractor to get it fixed. You’re thinking, “Ouch! This is going to be expensive.” Well, maybe not. You see, since that furnace is relatively new, it might be covered by its original warranty..

Remediation - Asbestos & Oil Tanks

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Last blog post we talked about one of the main concerns raised by buyers, asbestos. This post we discuss the other worrisome issue, oil tanks:


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When looking at older homes, one of the most asked questions is - "does this house contain asbestos?" The best answer is - there is a good chance: