Winter Is Coming: How To Weatherproof Your Doors & Windows

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We’ve already entered the cool, rainy season here in Victoria and you’re likely starting to feel the chill. You may notice it’s a little cool inside your home, too, even when the heat is on. Unfortunately, that means you probably have a draft to find and fix. It’s not uncommon in older homes to have doors and windows shift which breaks the seal and allows cool air to seep in, but even brand-new homes can have areas which require some weatherproofing. It’s time to fix this before it gets even colder — and before your heat bills skyrocket! Don’t worry, most ways to weatherproof are fairly easy and won’t require any major home renovations.


Find The Areas You Need To Seal

It’s usually pretty obvious where the draft is coming from, but sometimes, you just can’t find it. You know you can feel it, but you’re not quite sure where it’s coming from. Before you start ripping things apart and doing some hefty home renovations — stop. Start by checking all outdoor access points like doors and windows including patio and sliding doors, and if that doesn’t do the trick, check doors and hatches that lead to basements, attics and crawl spaces. Your cold breeze culprit could also be piping that leads outside or, in some cases, ceiling-to-wall joints.


Start With The Inexpensive Fixes

If you want a really inexpensive or fast fix, hang a towel or heavy curtain over your door or window, or put rolled up blankets in front of every door thus stopping the draft. However, this doesn’t look great and is a major tripping hazard. Instead, opt for some of these easy, inexpensive fixes.

Typically, a bit of weather-stripping and/or all-purpose caulk will seal up those drafty areas nicely. If you’re feeling a little more motivated and have someone to help you hold it in place, you can try window film, which adds a small layer of insulation to your windows.

These items are all simple to find and use, and although you may need to re-do them every year or two, they do the job well for the price and ease. If you’re not sure which kind to pick for your doors and windows have a chat with the pros at your local hardware store. They give out this type of advice a lot!


Install New Frames

If you’re finding a lot of cracks around your doors and windows, you may need to install whole new frames. This can be a bit costly, especially if you want it done right. It is a type of renovation on your home, though, so it’ll save you money on hydro in the end. In older homes, you’ll often see windows and doors warp, letting drafts in. Getting a new frame to re-adjust it may be just what you need.


Still Feeling The Draft?

If the above fixes haven’t worked, it may be time to call in the experts. A contractor or other home renovation expert can inspect all the walls and openings in your home and figure out where the draftiness is coming from. If it’s coming from a wall, you may need some structural work which could lead to some extensive home renovations.


Contact The Garman Group

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