Why Should I Stage My Home?

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As top realtors in Victoria, BC, homeowners ready to sell often ask us, “Why should I stage my home?” Home staging has been around for a number of years, and in the past, the argument was that it made sense to make your home as desirable to buyers as possible. However, these days, with the real estate market in Victoria being so hot, many believe there’s no more need to stage.

We can understand that but we still believe it’s worth staging your home!

Let’s back up for a minute. Maybe you’re not completely familiar with what staging is. Simply put, home staging is the art of preparing your home to be in top selling condition. By staging your home, it’s likely to sell faster and for more money than it would if it hadn't been.

So, why bother doing this in a hot real estate market? We have a few compelling reasons:

It’s Easier (And Less Expensive) Than You Think

Even if your home may be in a state of disarray, home staging is actually a lot easier than you think. Your home doesn’t need a full renovation in order to be sellable. Professional home stagers, and even real estate agents like us, can offer basic tips and tricks on what to fix and change.

In fact, spending even $200 on a few accessories and simple repairs around your home can help you make your investment back easily, and then some. How? That extra cash injection can up the price of your home by $20,000 or more.

Others See Your Home Differently

Of course you think your home is perfect. We’re sure it has served you and your family well, but as realtors, we’ve been doing this for years and we know what the majority of people are looking for when buying a home. A few simple changes can be just the ticket for getting the interest brewing in your home.

You’ll Get More Interest In Your Home

These days, even before in-home viewings start, online pictures are what people see. Having your home staged properly will ensure your pictures promote your home to the fullest extent and therefore attract people upon first view. This will gain you a lot of interest and  have more people eager to see, and likely buy, your home.

If a potential buyer can potentially see their family in your home, they’ll be a lot more likely to pay what you’re asking, or more.

So yes, as you can see it IS important to stage your home. How much is up to you. Be sure to check back in a few weeks for our next blog post on tips and tricks you can use to stage your home yourself. And always remember, if you have any further questions about staging, or anything related to selling your home, we at the Garman Group would be more than happy to answer them!