When It’s Time To Switch Realtors — And How To Do It Tactfully

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You're on an exciting adventure, ready to buy a new home, but could your excitement be clouding your judgement? You seem to be feeling a little in the dark and more uneasy than you should be and your inner voice is steadily nagging you to switch Realtors®. Instead of just pushing that little voice away, here are a few valid reasons for listening to that warning and making the switch.
  • Your questions aren’t being answered. Either your Realtor® isn’t responding to your calls or emails, or the answers you're getting are continually not clear even after you ask for clarification.
  • The homes your MLS agent is finding aren’t at all right for your family. If you're continually being shown properties that don’t have enough rooms, are out of your price range or have other major strikes against them, your agent is clearly not listening to you.
  • Your agent seems hesitant or unable to negotiate for your needs. It’s key to find an MLS Realtor® who knows how the process works and isn’t afraid to step in.
  • The Realtor® you chose only seems to know about Real Estate. While it’s not vital to become an MLS Realtor®, the most successful agents are the ones who also have a history in business, finance, home building, or other relevant skills in the industry.
It’s imperative you feel that you have open communication and trust with your Realtor®. If you're feeling like your agent isn’t the right one for you, it’s likely time to change and find one who will work better for you.
You know why you need an MLS Realtor® so don’t try to do it on your own. But before you open up MLS and move on to a new one, you should know how to switch tactfully. You may hurt the feelings of your original Realtor®, but there are a few ways you can switch without any major hard feelings.

Know The Legalities

If you've signed a contract or agreement, you'll have to look through it to see if you have a way out or a time restriction. Most of the time, a written notification will be enough to sever your relationship, and often, you can come to a mutual agreement between you and your Realtor® for dissolving the contract.

Tell The Truth — Diplomatically

As much as you don’t want to, you'll have to let your original agent know you no longer require their services. You can and should be tactful about this, however, you do not need to give a specific reason. Thank them for their help thus far but let them know you've found another agent who's a better fit.

Know That It’s Okay To Switch

Buying a property is a very important investment for you and your family. As with other major relationships, sometimes you just don’t mesh with the first person you choose. You're not the first person to switch agents during the process and you certainly won’t be the last. Be kind and move on.

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