What Do Baby Boomers Look for When Buying a Home?

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When perusing through the MLS listings, you’ll likely see quite a few “smart homes” listed in this housing market. Yes, modern technology does help to sell a home, especially when millennials are the ones buying, but what about the baby boomers. They still make up the largest percentage of the population, and now, they’re downsizing in droves. Some of the things baby boomers are looking for when they’re buying a home may surprise you.


Lovely Location

Baby boomers are retiring and are ready to move to their “dream home.” This could mean moving into a whole new housing market — or even a new city — that they’ve always liked. They could also be looking for a different home within the same area so they can continue to utilize their local shops and see friends and family regularly.


Smaller Size

The kids are out of the house, the large yard is becoming tougher to keep up, and all those stairs may prove to be difficult. These are just some of the reasons baby boomers are looking to downsize. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving up a home to live in a condo, although quite a few do that. A one-story rancher type homes or “one level living,” however, are what baby boomers are more interested in looking at when buying.


Luxury Living

The smaller homes that baby boomers are looking for don’t mean living smaller. Baby boomers are looking for luxury. Renovated, spacious kitchens, roomy bathrooms, and luxury hardwood floors are often what baby boomers want now that they’ve got a bit more time and money, and the chance to live in their dream home.


Cool Convenience

While baby boomers aren’t looking for smart-home features which allow them to look in their fridge from their phone, they are looking for certain conveniences to help them enjoy their home — and save on maintenance. They know that energy efficient appliances, double paned windows, and other features which come with newer and remodelled homes are what will save them time and money.


Perfect Patio

Most baby boomers still enjoy gardening and having a patio to entertain on, but they’re sick of having to maintain a large grassy area. A home with only a small area of grass and an area for a few flower boxes is more than enough.


Savvy Space

Retirement doesn’t mean sitting at home being bored or going golfing every day! More than in any other past generation, baby boomers are tackling new projects, and sometimes, even starting a second job or career. Theyre typically looking for homes which have a den or space they can use for a home office.


Respected REALTORS®

Baby boomers are familiar with the housing market and know what they’re looking for so they want a REALTOR® who’ll help them to find that. At the Garman Group, we’re familiar with the housing market and can help buyers of any age find their dream home. Contact us today!