Welcome to Saanich!

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Saanich is the largest municipality in Greater Victoria — and on Vancouver Island! The District of Saanich is often considered a “suburb” or “bedroom community” of Victoria and is popular for several reasons. It’s a fabulous place to live for anyone, and as a result, we get asked about Saanich real estate a lot. Let’s learn more about this magnificent area.




Saanich has a fantastic parks and recreation system that includes four rec centres, all offering a variety of activities. Swimming, golf, tennis, ice skating, weight rooms, yoga, dance classes — you name it, they have it. This incredible municipality offers over 170 parks and over 100 kilometres of trails, including many on mountains and beaches.

You’ll also find a variety of other activities for people of all ages at community centres and privately-owned studios. Activities such as yoga, gymnastics, jazzercize are all hobbies you can pursue.




Saanich is divided into 12 different neighbourhoods, all of which have their own unique features. Overall, all of them are excellent for families, singles, and retirees. Some are densely populated and similar to small cities in themselves. Other areas are more rural and have acres of beautiful farmland.


Notable Things to See & Do


In addition to the many parks, beaches, and recreation opportunities, there are several things to do without ever leaving Saanich.

The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory is a venue open to the public for specific events and for people keen to learn about astronomy and other earth activities. The Craigflower School House is the oldest schoolhouse in Western Canada and is now a venue for the arts and local craft fairs. The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific offers excellent community meeting spots as well as workshops and educational tours in the garden. And a visit to Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary will take you and your family on an educational nature adventure around marshlands, trails, and a fun nature house.




Saanich has a significant amount of schools ranging from preschool right to post-secondary. While some areas have more schools than others, you likely won’t have to travel too far to get to school if you live in Saanich.

The University of Victoria is also located in Saanich, as well as both Camosun College campuses.




You likely won’t have to leave Saanich to find anything you need. Saanich is home to a few different major shopping centres, including Uptown Shopping Centre. You’ll discover big-box stores, chain retailers, and a lot of local boutiques that have been opened by local artisans.




You won’t have to go far in Saanich to find a grocery store. Most are locally owned and operated and offer food sourced from local farms.

And as for restaurants, take your pick! You’ll find all your favourite fast food spots and chain family restaurants, plus many locally-owned eateries. From quick and casual to fine waterfront dining, you’ll find what you need in Saanich.


Think You’d Love Living In Saanich?

Saanich truly is a great place to live, no matter if you’re single, recently retired, or starting to raise a family. The MLS REALTORS® at Garman Group would love to help you look for Saanich real estate. Start your search today!