Watch Out For These Signs You’ve Chosen The Wrong REALTOR®

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Buying or selling a home can make you feel quite stressed and emotional — especially in this high-pressure Victoria real estate market. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. However, without the right REALTOR® by your side, it can bring up more feelings like doubt and frustration that you don’t need during this time. Here are good indicators you may need to say goodbye to your REALTOR®:

Your REALTOR® Doesn’t Attempt To Prepare Or Market Your Home

Even in this still hot Victoria real estate housing market, homes should be featured on the REALTOR’S® website and the MLS listing site. Most agents these days also post QR codes and other methods to promote the home and will work with you to come up with a marketing plan you both agree on. If your REALTOR® hasn’t done more than post a for sale sign in your yard, this is a sign they aren’t interested in working hard enough for you.
Discussing how to stage your home or suggesting basic tips on easy fixes to improve the odds of selling your home are things that your REALTOR® should be talking to you about. If this is something that's skipped, your agent may just be trying to make a quick sale and not doing what is in your best interest.

Your REALTOR® Is Inattentive And Unorganized

You need a REALTOR® who is on the ball. They should be available to answer any questions or queries you have about anything to do with real estate. We don't mean you should expect answers day and night. But a good REALTOR® won’t act like you're bothering them if you do ask questions. This is their job, and they should be more than happy to answer them.
If your REALTOR® is always showing you homes which are unsuitable for your family, this shows they have not listened closely enough to your needs. Your agent should be crystal clear on what you are looking for and show you only appropriate homes. Otherwise, you're wasting your time — and theirs.
If they're frequently late to your meetings or don’t return your calls in a timely manner, it may be time for you to look elsewhere.

Your REALTOR® Attempts To Push You Into Decisions You Are Unsure About

Maybe your REALTOR® tries to get you to price your home too high or too low, or they encourage you to step out of the price range you're looking at. It’s alright for your agent to make a suggestion and give you a valid reason as to why, but it’s never alright for them to push you into a decision you're uncomfortable with.

So, What If You're Having Second Thoughts?

If you are having second thoughts about the REALTOR® you choose, it’s OK to switch! Just be gracious. Thank them for their time, but explain you have found someone who may be a better fit to help you find what you want.
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