Victoria’s Most Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods

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If you already live in Victoria or are considering relocating here, you should know there aren’t many areas left in the city that aren’t family-friendly! But of course, there are some which have a few more amenities and schools for children. These are just a few of the neighbourhoods around Victoria which are seeing more and more families move to.

Vic West

Victoria West is a part of town that has made a HUGE shift over the past ten years or so. A lot of families are now settling very happily in this area located just over the bridge from downtown. It’s a great area for those working downtown but want to live in a family area.

Cute little stores, an environmental action plan, activity centres, and schools of all levels, Vic West is a charming blend of old war-time houses and newly-built properties.

Gordon Head

Another area that has become very popular with families over the past few years, it really does have it all! Surrounded by beaches, parks, a mountain, tons of recreation, lots of shopping, and several options for all levels of schooling, this neighbourhood is suitable for anyone.

Oak Bay

"Old school charm" — that’s how most people describe Oak Bay. Some of the most popular beaches and parks in Victoria are in this area. You can also find cute little shops, excellent cafes, bakeries, and great schools – both public and private. Charming houses settled among calming tree-lined streets are filled with both new and old families.


This area, located just outside of Greater Victoria, has literally exploded with housing – and families – in the past decade! There's really nothing you can’t find in Langford and the surrounding Westshore areas. Families are moving there in droves! Schools are being built to keep up, and Royal Roads University has seen a spike in enrolments. Plenty of parks, restaurants, shopping (including all the big box stores you’ll ever need) and excellent recreation opportunities keep Langford popular!


Sidney by the Sea and the surrounding areas on the Peninsula have turned from a mostly retirement-friendly area to a welcoming spot for families and people of ALL ages. More and more families are settling into this quiet area full of parks and beaches. It’s a quaint, stunning part of town filled with specialty stores, restaurants and many attractions your family will love.

James Bay

This is a great location for those who work in the downtown area and want to live close by. An EASY walk into town opens up the amenities for this area. But even if you stick close to your own home, James Bay is full of parks, heritage sites, distinct little shops, and elementary schools.

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