Sunday Football

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Football Sunday is a religious experience for some households and provides a great way to not only watch the game, but also enjoy the company that comes with it. We all have that one friend that has the perfect set up and can easily accommodate a variety of guests. Just because you don’t have the biggest house or flat screen doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great event for everyone to enjoy. The truth is, hosting football Sunday does not mean you need to settle for lowbrow entertaining. You can take things up a notch and the best way is to focus on the simple things. We’ve compiled a list of tips-n-tricks to get you started on the right foot:


Food can seriously make or break a get together and really reflect how much time and thought the host has put into the event. Now we’re not suggesting getting too fancy, but having a wide array of options doesn’t hurt. Everything from veggie platters to charcuterie boards are encouraged. Breaking out the BBQ or grill conveys to people that you take food seriously and want them to have the best possible time. Gone are the days where your friends eat microwave burritos and ramen, if you like good food, and you like to put in the extra effort, showcase that!  Feeling ambitious? Go with football themed food! Think of items you would find at the stadium and recreate your own. Check out Buzzfeed’s list to get some food for thought.

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There is nothing worse than coming over to a friend’s house and getting the worst seat in the room. No one likes to crane their neck to see the TV or have to sit on the floor. All it takes to avoid this is a little extra planning from the host! If you don’t have enough couch space, use chairs from throughout the house to outfit the space. Still stuck? Asking guests to bring any extra folding chairs will ensure everyone is left with a good spot.


Drink options are another area where you can seriously blow people away. We’re all for keeping it simple so we want you to think quality over quantity. Having some high-quality microbrews and decent wine available is a great start then look at creating a feature cocktail option for your guests. You can make it fun by having a themed drink, which is not only exciting, but also ensures you don’t have to stock up your entire liquor cabinet. We personally love the microbreweries here in Victoria - take a look at the BC Ale Trail list for some local favourites.

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Be Prepared

Getting stocked up and shopping a few days before the party will not only make sure you get everything you need but allow you to relax on the day of. Don’t forget the ice and make sure all the plates/glassware is good to go. Giving a last once over tidy and making sure you have bins around the house for garbage and recycling never hurts anyone either.

We want you to get the most out of your home and if you enjoy entertaining, having the resources to do so always make a huge difference (and we don’t mean just for football Sundays).. When we show homes some of the first questions we ask concern if buyers like to entertain or not. This helps us find the right floor plan and “must haves,” on your list. Contact us at