Summertime in Victoria BC

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Summertime in Victoria truly cannot be beat. With tons of amazing ocean spots, festivals, and areas to explore tourists and residents alike flock to some of the cities most popular areas. We’re positioned on the most southern tip of Vancouver island with ocean on all sides, making the city an increasingly destination. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve had day after day of amazing weather as well; all the more reason to go outside and check out what our beautiful city has to offer. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite activities that can be done solo, with family or friends this August in Victoria. I wanted to throw in a bit of something for everyone, below are 4 of my all time favourite events to check out:

  1. The Pop-Up Market on the Ogden Point Barge: will be a collection of amazing artists and vendors selling their wares right on the water! The Barge also hosts the wandering Mollusk cocktail bar and live music. The Pop-up on the barge is one Thursday a month from 2pm-9pm with the next one on Aug 18!

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  1. Fish n Chips: Have you been to Barb’s Fish n Chips in Fisherman's Wharf just off of downtown Victoria? If you’re a local there’s no excuse if you haven’t but if you’re new to town I highly recommend checking this area out. “Enjoy watching all the activity – fishing, sail, charter and house boats, seals playing in the harbour, sea planes taking off and landing – as you sit at open-air picnic tables eating Barb’s tender-crisp pieces of halibut, cod or sockeye salmon and fries, (source).” With live music, ice cream and tons of amazing house boats to peer in at this is a great spot to take your family out to.

  2. Victoria Symphony Splash: Taking place on August 6th the 28th annual Symphony Splash is a spectacular event to take part in. “From a floating stage in the Inner Harbour, the VS orchestra and special guests will perform, ending with a grand finale performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture – with fireworks of course! (source).” Make sure to arrive early as the event commences at 7:30 with people staking out the best blanket and lounge chair spots in the early afternoon.

  3. Vancouver Island Feast of Fields: One of my favourite events here in Victoria is the Feast of Fields! Taking place on Sunday August 27th this is one festival that shouldn’t be missed. “Feast of Fields is a four hour wandering gourmet harvest festival that highlights the connections between farmers and chefs, field and table, and between farm folks and city folks, (source).” This festival raises important questions surrounding local food and the people that make it happen. “With a wine glass and linen napkin in hand, guests stroll across a farmers field, traveling from tent to tent (sometimes through the barn, past the tractor or around the chicken coop) listening to live music, and tasting gourmet creations from BC top chefs, farmers, fishers, ranchers, food artisans, vintners, brewers, distillers and other beverage producers, (source).”

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Victoria has loads to offer not only during the summer but year round as well. Interested in having a look around the city? Contact us at 250-380-3933.