Staging Your Home? Don’t Make These Mistakes

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You’ve likely heard a lot about home staging, and have (hopefully!) read our blog on why you should stage your home for sale. But before you try to stage your home yourself, it’s important to know what NOT to do.

Over personalizing

One of the reasons for staging your home is to help the home buyer see themselves and their families in the home. And it’s hard to do that if there are pictures of your family, your favourite artwork on the wall, your books on the shelf, and all your family’s knickknacks all over the house.

Get rid of all personal touches like pictures and be very selective about which artwork you keep around. Remove all your fridge magnets and put all evidence of children or pets away in drawers.


Being Too Trendy

Even if you like to adopt every new trend that comes around, chances are potential home buyers won’t care — and it will likely just distract them from seeing things like bright coloured paint and funky sofas. You can keep some coloured throw pillows and a few pieces of abstract art that’s not too crazy — but try your best to keep the rest neutral.


Not Fixing the Small Things

You may have been ignoring some home repairs for a while now and see no reason to fix them now that you’re about to sell. But home buyers will certainly notice them! Not to mention the fact that most simple home repairs don’t take as much time to fix, or cost as much as you may think. So, it’s best to fix that leaky faucet, touch up that chipped paint, re-hang your cupboards, change those burned-out lightbulbs, and tighten those doorknobs.

And although your kitchen and/or bathroom may be in need of a renovation now isn’t the time to tackle that. If it truly needs work, simply swap out some hardware, paint the cupboards, and install a new counter or two.


Having Rooms That Are Dark & Dreary

You may like your rooms dark, but most buyers will be looking for light, airy rooms. Not to mention the fact that dark rooms often look smaller. So, remove all heavy drapery and blinds, swap out dark bedspreads, and consider painting your walls a lighter colour.

Take a look at the lighting you have in each room and invest in track lighting and extra lamps if you need to. Try to keep the types of lighting and bulbs you use cohesive from room to room.


Not Having a Nice Flow

Your furniture placement may work well for you and your family but take a good look at it from a new perspective. If it’s hard to walk from room to room without bumping into couches or tables, it’s time to move some furniture.

Remove any tables that sit in hallways or shorter passages as they tend to make the space look too cluttered. And if your couch is too big to not be in the way of the flow, consider removing it and moving in a smaller one that fits better.


Leaving Clutter Around

You may think your coffee table looks better with a few magazines and a candle on it, but this just adds unnecessary clutter to your room. And although we know you’re in the process of moving, don’t leave boxes or anything else in the home.

Don’t leave any dirty dishes, stacks of mail, or anything else lying around. You should also remove any extra appliances such as your toaster, blender, and coffee maker off your counters, too.


Not Hiring a Professional

Home staging may seem so easy, but as you can see, there’s so much to remember! Luckily, if you have a great REALTOR® like one of us at the Garman Group, we know how important staging is and can help you out. Contact us today for more information on home staging, buying or selling a home, or for a free home market evaluation.