Spruce Up Your Home For The Spring

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So your holiday decorations have been down for a few weeks now and you probably feel like your home looks a little bare. Since the rainy season is WELL upon us, we’re spending a lot of time indoors and staring at those un-festive walls probably makes you think you should do something to spruce it up a bit.

Now's the perfect time to do something about that! Let’s get your home in order.

Clear Up All The Clutter

Your house may seem kind of bare without all the holiday decorations but we bet it still has a lot of clutter! Maybe you got some presents you won’t use and they’re tucked into a closet or the corner of your living room. If you can still return them, great. Otherwise sell them online to someone who will appreciate them.

While you're at it, go through all your stuff and sell what you don’t need. Put the cash you get back into your home with some of the remaining tips.

Create an Organization System

It’s time to find a place for everything. Move all the items you didn’t get rid of into their proper places. If you don't have a "proper place" for them, find, or build, appropriate storage for everything. It’s a great time of year to sort out your closets to and organize your kitchen. For instance, tuck away pans and trays you rarely use.

Start a file system near your door so all mail and newspapers are dealt with or recycled immediately. No more piling up random junk mail on the kitchen table!

Put a crate by the door for each person in your household to keep their boots, keys and backpacks in. If you need to remember to take something with you in the morning, keeping it there will ensure you won’t forget it. Plus, you won't waste any time looking for missing keys, purse, etc., in the future.

Give Your Space A Fresh New Look

Now that you've organized everything, it’s time to slap on a fresh coat of paint and pick up some new décor items. Treat yourself to some new art for your walls. Better yet, get some custom-made frames for the masterpieces your children have made!

Start Getting Your Outdoors In Order

It’s time to venture outside to see what state the wind and rain have left your property in. Clean up any fallen branches, fix loose fence boards and make sure all your shingles and gutters are still intact.

We know it’s still pretty soggy out there but you should think about starting your garden now, too. Start with some plants in a shed, under a covered area, or inside your home. By planning your garden now, when the first sunny day arrives, you can go out and know what to start first. In a few short months, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful flowers and a bounty of fruits and vegetables for your family.

Get Your Health And Safety Equipment Up To Date

If you don’t already have an earthquake/emergency kit and a first-aid kit in your home, NOW is the time.

It’s also the time of year for the bi-annual testing of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Replace the batteries and check to see that they all work properly. Get new units if they're more than a few years old and install more if you don’t have at least one per floor. It's recommended you have one for every bedroom and kitchen.

Once the rain gives way to spring you’ll be happy you got all this done now. Your home and yard will thank you for the TLC.