Remediation - Asbestos & Oil Tanks

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Before sellers list, they should have the property ‘swept’ for buried oil tanks and check municipal records. A buyer and their Realtor should also do this as part of their own due diligence. There are several spills of contaminants every year in Victoria making this a vital area to check. Just because there is an above-ground oil tank, or an above-ground tank was removed, does not mean there is not one buried underground. As a rule of thumb, if the home was built before the 1960’s there is a good chance a tank is, or was, buried on the property. If a tank is found, an oil tank professional will dig down to determine whether it has been rendered inert. If it has not, they will pump out any residual oil, clean, and fill with sand. Many municipalities are now requiring tanks be removed. Where there is contamination, the soil is remediated while the hole is open. Remediation can run from $2,000-$5,000, but can be substantially more if wider spread. Doing the investigation before hand can save buyers $1,000’s down the road