Practical Ways To Bring More Light Into Your Home

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It’s not uncommon to have that one room – or even several rooms – that always feel dark most of the time. What you wouldn’t give to leave the light switch alone every time you go in. To see and enjoy natural sunlight in some of your favourite rooms during all daylight hours.
As professional Real Estate agents, and experts in many areas of home renovations and construction, we have seen this issue of not enough light many times before. Luckily, through experience, we're equipped with some great, practical advice on how to fix it.

Check Your Landscaping

Is your home dark because of that giant tree in your yard blocking all the sunlight? Or do you have a hedge a few feet away from your large picture window? That could certainly darken things up. It’s possible you need only trim your tree or hedge and that could make a world of difference. However, you may have to say goodbye completely to those lovely pieces of greenery – or anything else blocking your window.
Make sure you check with your local municipality and/or a professional arborist or tree service before you start removing any extra trees from your yard. On occasion, there are rules regarding removal depending on the age or size of the tree. You also don’t want to accidentally kill off any other greenery because you chopped down a nearby bush.

Add Windows

If your room doesn’t have large windows (or any windows!), that definitely won’t help the sunshine pour in! Embarking on some home renovations by adding strategic windows, or even investing in a new door with a window already in it, can certainly do the trick. Skylights are amazing, but they may be even more of an investment.
If you’re concerned about privacy, consider frosted windows. Light- to medium-frosted windows are a good option to keep those nosy neighbours out yet still let in some light.

Remove walls

Perhaps you have an interior room which is quite dark next to a room that's bright and sunny almost the whole day. It may be time to consider some major home renovations and knock down a wall to make a large, sun-filled room. If you prefer to keep the two rooms separate, consider installing French doors or something to keep them both closed off. You'll still allow the light to shine in without sacrificing privacy.

Utilize Your Décor

Sometimes, there are no trees blocking your view, yet the light seems to diminish in the room. If you can’t take on any major home renovations at the moment, there are some décor tricks you can try to add a little more sunshine to your space.
First, take out any dark furniture and repaint your walls a lighter colour. You'll notice an immediate shift in brightness to the room. Then, invest in good lighting for that room. There are lamps and lighting systems that can mimic natural light and shed light on a room a whole lot better than simple table lamps or other light sources.
Another designer insider tip for bringing more light into your home is to put up mirrors to mimic windows. Even pictures or paintings of the outdoors can make it look like you're getting a peek outside.

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