One-Storey or Two-Storey Living — What’s Best for Me?

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Take a look through the MLS listings, and you’ll see a variety of homes available in the Victoria housing market. The choice can be staggering, but you can eliminate some houses off your list when you know how much space you need in a home. From there, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to figuring out if you and your family are better off in a house with one floor — or two.


Pros of One-Storey Homes

They’re easier to get around in. If you or anyone in your family has movement issues, in all likelihood, a one-storey home will trump a two-storey home. Same goes if you’re getting older and are concerned about how well you’ll be able to get around your home and navigate the stairs as the years go by.


They’re generally easier to navigate around. One-storey homes aren’t just for people who have mobility issues or are elderly. For parents who have small children, not to mention laundry and other heavy objects, stairs can prove to be cumbersome. Remember, those things (or kids!) will need to be carried up and/or down the stairs on a regular basis.


They’re easier to escape from in case of an emergency. If an emergency or disaster occurs, it's easier to get out of a one-storey home than one that has two.


Stairs can be a hazard. Stairs can provide a possible tripping and/or falling risk. Plus, if you have toddlers you won’t have to worry about them crawling up or down them, and you won’t have to fiddle with those tricky baby staircase gates.


Heating tends to be less expensive. It doesn't take a genius to see that hydro costs could be cheaper when you have a one-storey home. You can heat up or cool down one floor faster and easier than you can if you have two floors.


Maintenance costs will likely be lower (do you see a trend here?). When you have two floors it can become more difficult, and pricier, to fix shingles, paint your home, clean your windows, and even repair your roof. Labour has to include extra ladders and potential scaffolding, plus it becomes riskier the taller your house is.

Pros of Two-Storey Homes

You’ll likely have more privacy. You never know when your mailman or the meter reading guy will walk by your bedroom window if you live in a one-storey home. If your bedroom is on the second floor, though, that’s not a concern you’ll have!


Less chance of break-ins. Now we’re not trying to say that burglars don’t break into two-storey homes. But if you like to leave your windows and patio doors open during the night or for some fresh air, that’s going to be much safer on the second floor of a home.


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