Neighbourhood Feature: Downtown Victoria

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Downtown Victoria is such a vibrant, bustling community — both day and night. And if you work downtown or spend a lot of time there, you may want to relocate for the convenience.

Because so many residents want to be a part of this community, it's experienced tremendous growth over the past few decades. Condos, townhouses, and other unique living spaces have popped up all over town. And if you don't mind living on the outskirts of the downtown area, you'll find some fabulous heritage-style homes, too.

So, if you're considering a move to downtown Victoria here's what you can expect.


An Extremely Diverse Community

People of all ages live downtown. You'll find a lot of young singles who have recently moved to the city, middle-aged couples who have downsized to downtown condos, and elderly people who have always lived downtown and continue to reside in their heritage homes or downsized apartment or condo.

Community events and festivals are always being put on inside the shopping mall and in other downtown parks. And the inner harbour is bustling with not only tourists, but local artists showing off their talents.


Education & Other Services

Because so many parents work downtown, young families reside downtown, you'll find many daycares, preschools, and children's activities downtown. The nearest local elementary school is located in the neighbouring community of James Bay, and the middle school and secondary schools are a simple 15-minute walk up into the Fernwood area.

However, there are many ESL schools and post-secondary type education services for business, decorating, and other fine arts located downtown. And if you or your child are interested in dance, music, art, or just about any other type of creative education, you'll find them downtown.

You'll find the main branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library downtown, and it always has lots of courses, drop-in events, and children's activities.


Parks & Recreation

There are many private health facilities located downtown that offer quick workouts for people on their lunch breaks or before or after work. And there are too many yoga and Pilates studios to count!

The Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is located on the outskirts of downtown and has a large pool, workout area, and many other fitness options. And the Victoria YMCA is located right in the middle of downtown and offers so many opportunities to be active — pool, fitness area, squash courts, and much more!

There are many green spaces in this Victoria neighbourhood for enjoying a walk or letting the kids play. And the vast, famous Beacon Hill Park is located right on the edge of downtown — go pet the animals in the children's zoo, play a round of golf, walk the many trails, see the flowers, and watch the ducks swim in the many ponds.


Shopping & Dining

When it comes to dining, you'll find it all — and more — downtown! Every type of food you can imagine is downtown — cute, unique coffee shops, chain restaurants, locally-owned gems, and some of the best fine dining restaurants you'll ever find. Many pubs and restaurants are located on the waterfront, so you get a spectacular view while you eat. Ask locals where their favourite bargain lunch spots and other eateries are!

As for shopping, you'll find a large shopping mall with a Hudson's Bay department store located right downtown. And many boutiques selling clothing, art, food, jewellery, books, antiques, comic books, discount goods, and anything else you can possibly think of line the streets.


Looking to Move Downtown?

No matter if you're looking for a waterfront condo, a heritage house, or a multi-level live/work residence downtown, we can help you find it! Contact us today to start your home search in this vibrant Victoria neighbourhood.