It's Pint Time! Cheers!

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Victoria is incredibly familiar with the local and artisanal beer scene.  The landscape is unique, and the handcrafted brews reflect this beautiful diversity.  The city itself is not only famous for it’s top-notch beer, ciders and spirits but the with a combination of festivals and restaurants that encourage local brews this town has become a serious hub. “With thirteen craft breweries right in town and several handfuls of unique restaurants whose menus are built to showcase local beer, it is clear that a dedication to high-quality, locally-made brews is a key component of Victoria's distinctive culture.” Beer has been brewed in Victoria longer than anywhere else in British Columbia, dating all the way back to 1858. This is when Victoria Brewing was founded by a German man who came north from San Francisco during the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush. Brewing beer became more appealing and more profitable than panning for gold and became lovingly nicknamed “liquid gold.” Now Victoria is home to delicious craft brews that are nurtured alongside the local food movement.  Below are 5 of the best places to grab a pint in Victoria, B.C:

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  1. Spinnakers: Spinnakers marries outstanding hand-crafted beer with incredible local food. “Harnessing the freshness available through local farmers and producers, Spinnakers’ chef and brewmaster create seasonally inspired fare, complement it with award-winning beer and serve it all at a heritage building overlooking the Victoria waterfront.

  2. Phillips Brewery: Phillips brewery has been one of Victoria’s most popular craft beer-makers for more than a decade! Phillips Brewing has grown from humble beginnings into a Victoria beer powerhouse that includes a dozen brews, a tasting room and even a store.

  3. Swans Brewpub: “When it opened in 1989, Swans became the second brewpub to open in Victoria (following Spinnakers in 1984). The brewery was built by Frank Appleton, one of BC’s craft beer pioneers, who also hired and trained Swans’ first brewer, Sean Hoyne, who now has his own brewery in Victoria” The name Swans comes from the fact that the building was transformed from a beat-up warehouse into a gorgeous restaurant reminding the owners of the store of the ugly duckling.

  4. Driftwood Brewery: Driftwood launched in 2008 with a pale ale and two Belgian beers. These specific characteristics immediately set it apart from the rest of the local beer scene. The lack of an IPA in Victoria was surprising but then the brewery released Sartori Harvest IPA in 2009 and followed it up by launching Fat Tug IPA in 2010.


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Victoria is an amazing place for the beer lover to enjoy and also be part of a community that celebrates small local artisans. Craft beer is an integral element that has been woven into Victoria’s culinary and restaurant scenes. We encourage visitors and locals alike to get out for the night and even do an ale trail! This is a great way to experiences numerous styles of beers and food pairings as well. Contact us for more info on how you can become a local.