Is This Neighbourhood Right For My Family?

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If you’re considering moving to a different neighbourhood or even a whole new city, it may be difficult to know how comfortable you'll be and if it'll be a good fit for your family. Simply looking at a few houses and the surrounding area once or twice is not a good enough indicator to know if a neighbourhood is worth moving to.

Google it!

Before you even start looking at homes do some “armchair research” about the neighbourhood(s) you're interested in. See what Google and other searches bring up; read reviews of local stores, parks, and check out maps and traffic reports.

Track Crime

Crime stats broken down by neighbourhood are easily found online. Check your local police website for reports or send them an email asking for a detailed crime statement.

Join Facebook Groups

Join a few FB groups for the neighbourhood(s) you're considering. Residents generally share events coming up, as well as issues that concern them. Reading through the comments and questions will give you a good insight into the atmosphere and issues in the neighbourhood. You'll also be able to get a good assessment of the types of people and family dynamics in the area.

Research Schools And Amenities

Ask if your current gym, or club, membership is transferable to one in your new area, or seek recommendations for good ones. If your kids will be switching schools, make sure they'll be a good fit by asking parents of current students and visiting the school for a tour in advance.

Visit The Neighbourhood At Different Times

Drive around the area(s) a few different times a day. Check it out during rush hour to see how bad the traffic gets, then visit again in the evening. You may see different things at different times. Children may be playing happily in the street at three pm but teenagers may hang out loudly on the corner at eleven.

Get Out Of Your Car

Explore on foot or bicycle. There are things you can’t easily see from your car and being out of the car allows you to get a better feel for the area. Will your children be able to get around easily and safely on foot? Are there enough parks and trails to wander through your neighbourhood?

Talk To People

Ask friends to get you in touch with people they know in the area. If you don’t know anyone, stop by some of the locally-owned stores to ask them about their sense of community. Stroll your potential neighbourhood and ask anyone you see in their yards if you can pick their brains about the area.

Consider Your Family

The neighbourhood may be ideal for you but consider if all members of your family will feel the same.

Your children may not be willing to leave their current schools, or sports teams, so unless the commute is easy, the move may not be worth it. You may still have to drive back to your old neighbourhood to see family and friends, so consider if that fits into your schedule.

Go With Your Gut

After you've done your research and had a few chats with your potential neighbours, you should have a general sense if the neighbourhood is the right fit for you and your family.

Call The Experts!

If you’re ready to make the move or have any other questions about neighbourhoods in Victoria, BC or Victoria real estate, contact us at The Garman Group.