Is It Time to Move to Victoria’s Suburbs?

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The hustle and bustle of living in the city is great when you're young — but over time, it may start to get on your nerves. Perhaps your job or family situation has changed, so you no longer need to live right in the city. You may be thinking it's time to make a move out to the suburbs of Victoria, but you're not sure if you should take that leap. Here are a few reasons you may want to make a move.


Your Family Situation Has Changed

When you bought downtown, maybe you were single or a new couple starting your life together. But now you may have a few kids and want them to have a safer walk to school, more family resources, and likely a bigger home with a bigger yard.

Alternatively, you may now be empty nesters who raised your kids in the city and are now looking for a slower pace of life.


You're No Longer Utilizing the Services in Your Area

You may have loved going to restaurants, movie theatres, and other places in the area you're currently living — but these days, you'd rather just stay home and watch Netflix. Have most of your friends moved out of the city as well? It may have you feeling alone. If you're finding you're not taking advantage of what your area has to offer, you may be able to get better bang for your housing buck in the suburbs.


Your Job Has Moved or Is Flexible

If you once worked downtown, you likely wanted to be close enough, so your commute wasn't too long. But maybe you're now able to work mostly from home or your job location has changed. If your job was the main thing keeping you living in the city, maybe it's time to reassess if there is anything else keeping you there.


You Feel More Relaxed Out of the City

Maybe you're spending more and more time outside of the city during your time off work. If you find yourself driving out to the suburbs to visit friends and family more often than usual, or just to check out the stores and restaurants in a few new areas, that's a huge sign you're ready for a move to the Victoria suburbs.


You Want to Move Strictly Because of the Pandemic

Here's one where you may want to think twice about moving! Living in a denser area with more crowded stores and sidewalks can be scary during a pandemic. And we totally understand that you may want to escape and live somewhere that's less densely populated. But this pandemic thankfully won't last forever, and if you move, you may miss some things about living in the city once things get back to normal. Take some time to think about all the reasons you want to move — as well as what you'll want in a few years — before you make your decision.


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