Is It Time To Ditch Your Long Commute?

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Do you spend an hour or more commuting to and from work each day? If you do, you likely fit into one of two categories. The first being that you enjoy your time alone listening to the radio or podcasts. This can sound nice, but more often than not, people who commute fit into the second category: being constantly stressed out or feeling tense because of the long time on the road each day.

While there are definite advantages to living closer to your workplace, there are also some disadvantages, too. Take a read through and weigh out what’s important to you and your family.

Advantages to moving closer to your workplace:

Your overall health will improve

Sitting in traffic or commuting for long periods of time can really drain our energy, not to mention, add up to some major health concerns both mentally and physically. Even if we're not the ones actually doing the driving, the stress and unpredictability of buses, trains, carpools, and taxis can occasionally be overwhelming.

Posture can suffer from sitting for long periods of time, and not being able to move around can potentially lead to general muscle tightness or even blood clots.

You will have more time

Shaving time off your commute is quality time you could be spending elsewhere. For instance, you can spend time with your family and friends, perhaps get errands done, sleep, or even have some YOU time.

Another bonus is the extra sleep you'll get in the morning!

You’ll save money

Think of how much money you'll save on gas and car maintenance if you drive less often. Insurance rates usually drop if your commute is shorter, too.

If you can walk to work, that’s even better because you’ll also save money on transit and parking fees while keeping yourself healthy.

Disadvantages to moving closer to your workplace:

Your family may suffer

Although you may currently have a long commute, your family may feel the benefits of your sacrifice. Your spouse may love the part-time job they have down the street and your kids attend a great school in your neighbourhood. If your close network of friends and activities are all in your current area, you’ll likely be driving back that way anyway. Otherwise, you run the risk of cutting ties with close friends.

You may have to downsize

If you work in or near downtown, chances are the housing prices are quite a bit steeper in that area than in neighbourhoods further away. You may need to move your family into a home that’s much smaller in size.

There is also a chance that you can't afford to buy in your work area at all so you may have to rent. If owning real estate is important to you then this may not be an option.

What else to think about?

Is it possible your job will let you work from home once or twice a week? Or is there a satellite office or something similar closer to your neighbourhood you can transfer to? Having a talk with your employer about these things could solve your problem!

If not, and you still have to endure the commute, think about a few things you can do to make it a bit easier. Sometimes leaving your home even five minutes earlier can make a great deal of difference in the traffic you encounter. And equip your stereo with your favourite playlists or an interesting podcast so you can actually look forward to your drive.

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