Is It Smart To Do An Open House When I’m Ready To Sell?

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Remember the days of attending all those open houses when you were looking to buy a home? You knew as a seller you'd have to give up an afternoon or two to open your home to the public. It was often a weekly event for some people to drive around different neighbourhoods every Saturday afternoon looking for open houses. It was a great way to check out the Victoria real estate market, and there was certainly no shortage of them to attend.
You’ll notice that these days open houses aren’t as popular as they once were. Some REALTORS® still do them, while others don’t recommend them and will only do one if you insist. So, if you're selling your home, your first instinct may be to do one because that’s the way it’s always been, but is it a good idea? Why aren’t open houses as popular as they used to be?

Serious Buyers Will Be Working with a REALTOR® Already

REALTORS® have first access to new MLS listings, meaning homes about to go on the market. Therefore, they can show these homes to potential buyers as soon as possible. Waiting on open houses in Victoria's real estate market, one of the hottest in the country, is a waste of time. The reality is that homes often sell within the first few days on the housing market.
Your home should be viewed only by serious buyers so having them come with their REALTOR® for a private showing will get the right eyes on it and sell your home faster.

You're Opening Your Home Up to the Public

Anyone — anyone — can attend an open house. Your nosy neighbours who have always wondered what your home looks like, people simply curious about the Victoria real estate market, current homeowners looking for decorating ideas, and families who have nothing better to do — they can all show up to your open house. Plus, although it thankfully doesn't happen often, your stuff can get stolen. Thieves can take advantage of large groups wandering through a home to blend in and check out your items as well as the entry points.
Some sellers don’t mind the huge amounts of traffic and want as many eyes as possible on their home. But do keep in mind that very few people who attend open houses actually go through with purchasing the home.

This Is the Digital Age

Searching for homes in the year 2018 is certainly different than it was even ten years ago. You can actually check out what’s available in the Victoria real estate market and tour a home without leaving your couch! Virtual tours and expanded specs are available to you – through MLS online listing services or by REALTORS® who send serious buyers a special link to prospective homes allowing them to get a first look. Then these serious potential buyers will decide if they want a private tour of the home.

Trust Your REALTOR®

When you’re working with a trustworthy REALTOR®, such as one of us from The Garman Group, you know that we have the network to get your home out there to serious potential buyers without having to do an open house. We're willing to work with you to promote your home in whichever way you'd like. Contact us today for more information about realty or open houses, and start your home buying or selling process in the Victoria real estate market.