How To Transform Your Unused Spaces Into Areas You’ll LOVE

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Like many before you, you've got a room in your home you keep the door closed to all the time or that nook that stays out of sight. Why? Because it’s not used for anything except, well... junk.

Perhaps it’s that little landing at the top of or under the stairs, the tiny attic, or the small fourth bedroom you don’t have a use for. We here at Garman Group have seen it all as Victoria real estate is VERY diverse! Shouldn't every inch of your home be something you're proud to show off on your home tours? We have some great ideas to help you create a space you’ll love.

A Home Workspace

We've seen even small closets be converted into home offices so a little room or nook would work perfectly! A small desk or an old charming table can be covered or painted. And by adding wall shelves, you'll have TONS of storage space.

This idea gives the added benefit of keeping your home workspace out of sight and orderly. Use the rest of your home to relax not think of work or paying bills.

A Guest Bedroom

Since it's not used all that often (depending on your visitors), guest bedrooms can be small. Besides, if you don’t already have one and your guests are sleeping on pull-out couches, this is still a step-up right?! Tuck a small bed, night table and put up a few hooks and/or racks if there's no closet. Bam! The perfect resting area for your guests.

A Pantry

Even if your unused space is not all that close to your kitchen, you still likely have pans you don’t use often, and a collection of goods you won’t immediately need (attention Costco shoppers!). Put some shelves up or even put together an inexpensive plastic one and tuck everything you don’t immediately need out of the way. You will be SO much happier with less clutter in your kitchen!

A Playroom

Sick of cleaning up toys from the living room floor every day? Turn your small area into a little world where your kids can create! Best of all? They may not need to clean it up every single day like they would if they were playing in their bedrooms or living room.

A Reading Nook

Who doesn’t dream of having a cozy space with a comfy chair and small table to hold their tea? This works especially well if there's a window in the area but you can also invest in a nice lamp to light the area nicely. Ahhhh, a soothing little space for you, right in your own home!

A... Junk Room

That’s right! Go ahead and keep it a junk room if you really need the storage space! There's no need to keep it a mess though, make it more organized than it already is. Shelves, hooks, even small cupboards can ensure you can keep nearly everything in there and in order!

We hope we've given you one — or more! — great ideas to use every inch of your home. We love seeing the creative uses people use within their space.