How To Stage Your Home For Sale

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If you’re still asking if you really need to stage your home or not, check out our last blog post. Now that you know home staging is truly beneficial, here are some ways you can do it yourself — and with little-to-no money.

Make Sure You Have Curb Appeal

First impressions are often the best impressions, and some buyers won’t even go inside if they don’t like the outside of a home for sale. Make sure the lawn is freshly mowed, trees aren’t too wild, and the garden is weeded and maintained.

Replace any loose shingles and touch up any paint that has peeled off or cracked. Borrow or rent a power washer for a few hours and do your siding, driveway and paths up to your home.

Place a few potted plants or hanging baskets outside your door, especially if there isn't a front garden. This gives an extra welcoming touch.

Fix What's Broken

Touch up any scuffs on your interior walls and doors. Deep clean, or consider replacing carpet that's worn or stained. Make sure curtains and blinds are clean and hung straight. Refinish cabinets and drawers if necessary, and make sure all knobs and pulls are in good shape and secured on tight.

Clear Your Clutter

People want to envision their own families in the home they're considering purchasing. Don’t leave ANY clutter or personal effects lying around as it hinders people's imagination. Pictures of your family and your children’s artwork are awesome but not to a potential buyer.

Remove any excess furniture you have in your home as well. Clutter makes rooms look smaller — not a look you want.

Clean all your windows, floors, countertops, appliances (inside and out), and tables, and keep them neat and dusted the entire time your home is being shown.

Closets are very important spaces so make sure to de-clutter them, too. Don’t just shove everything in there! People will obviously want to see what kind of storage they'll be getting so remove as much as possible to give the illusion of tons of space.


You may have your furniture set up in a way that works best for your family which is great. But if it makes your room look smaller or doesn’t provide a nice flow to walk through, that will turn potential buyers off. Yes, we know you’re taking the furniture with you, but they still need the impression of flow and how it could look with their furnishings.

Leave No Trace Of Pets

Make sure you put away pet bowls, toys, litter boxes, and beds before any showing, and vacuum and wipe any pet fur or pet messes. If you can, take your pets with you, otherwise, try to keep them in an area they can’t do much damage.

Keep Your Home As Light & Neutral As Possible

Maybe you’re a family that loves pink and it shows in your home. But consider that some families may not be big fans of pink so it's important to paint a few walls a lighter, neutral colour. And if it's not just pink walls, think about pre-moving some of your pink furniture, too. Same goes for your son's Star Wars room — it’s best to tone it down before opening up your home.

Before every showing, open your blinds and let the light shine in. People love natural light.

As you can see, it only takes a little bit of money, a few hours, and some elbow grease to get your house up to desirable selling condition. And remember, this will likely correspond to your home selling even faster, and likely at, or above, your asking price. For any other questions, or real estate help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.