How to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

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In a sea of homes for sale, you need to help yours stand out from the rest. When people scan the MLS listings, they'll only stop if they see something worth stopping for — and that's where having great, eye-catching real estate photos comes in.

Having terrific-looking real estate photos is essential anytime — but it's especially vital with COVID-19 circulating. People are being more cautious about viewing homes in person and are relying on the photos they see to decide what to view. So we've got some great tips on how to prepare your home for real estate photography.


Tidy & Clean Everything

Before you consider what you're going to photograph and how, you need to purge as much as possible from every room of your home — and then clean everything until it sparkles. Remove all clutter and any extra pieces of furniture from each room. Scrub your floors, vacuum, and even wipe down your walls before you make all beds, fluff all pillows, straighten curtains, and close closet doors.


Don't Forget the Little Details

Before your real estate photos are taken, take one last look around to make sure everything is in place. If possible, have a family member or professional look with fresh eyes. Be sure to turn off your television, computer monitors, lamps, and ceiling fans, ensure the curtains and blinds are wide open to let in some natural light.

In the kitchen, remove all fridge magnets, make sure your sink is empty, and take as much as possible off your countertops. Hide your garbage cans and any pantry items. In your bathroom, ensure your countertops and the area around your tub are bare.

Remove all personal items from each room, such as family photos, children's artwork and toys, and any evidence of pets. Prospective buyers want to see themselves living there and not be reminded it's currently someone's home.


Clean Up the Outside of Your Home

Prospective buyers are going to want to see photographs of the outside of your home, too! Landscape your yard, remove all debris, power wash your driveway, trim all trees and bushes, re-hang any loose fence posts, and touch up any chipped paint.

You can leave some patio furniture if you have a beautiful looking table and chair set or a clean BBQ. But remove any excess furniture or other unnecessary items in your yard, like children's toys. If you have a large play structure or shed that you're thinking of leaving in the yard when you move, make sure it's in good shape.

Consider Staging Your Home

Since you want your home to be the one that stands out in photographs, consider staging it to make it look even more appealing. There's a myriad of reasons why you should stage your home, and we've shared how you can do it easily. A little bit of work can go a long way!


Talk to the Garman Group

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